~D800 buffer in B mode

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Have some fireworks to photograph ..not ideal its still quite light at 10pm.. using raw +jpegbasic to two cards...if I use say 3sec I can take one photo immediatly after another but in B for a similar time exposure there is a big processing time after each shot before I can proceed ..strange to me almost like its not using the buffer.....
I dont usually shoot in RAW but I need it to superimpose images for fireworks so is there a RAW or even a RAW+Jpeg setting that will give me faster recoery time..?? I dont suppose I need the jpeg as I think the combined RAWS are saved in Jpeg anyway. ???
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    Is your LE Noise reduction switched on? This will double the time it takes you to take another shot
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    I would suggest you try RAW only
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    Tried raw only with one card and not much difference ..its a 16GB Kingston 266x cardin the CF and a 45mb/s in the SD
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    As mentioned before, make sure that long exposure noise reduction is OFF. If it is on then the camera takes a second exposure, with the shutter closed, to read noise, at the same length as the original exposure. You'll know it is on if you see JOB NR flashing in the viewfinder and top LCD at the end of each shot.
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    I can't understand why you would have buffer/recovery problems as you will be shooting only 1 frame every 4-5 seconds at best.

    My old 200x CF card has no problem shooting back to back fireworks ( 4-8 second exposures ) for the whole duration of a 20-30 min show so it must be NR related as previously mentioned.
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    @pistnbroke: As a man who likes to keep it simple, you'll enjoy fireworks. I use bulb and only close the shutter when there have been a pleasing number of fireworks released. Never a fixed time. The fireworks will always be burned out, so you will not under expose them by stopping down a lot. Turn off ADL, hi-ISO NR and long exposure NR, shoot at ISO 100 and enjoy. Your D7100 is going to be great. First time I did it was with a D5000 and even that was excellent - I sold all 200 shots.
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    Well I want to use the D800 and the 17mm lens to cover more sky and then the 36mp to crop what I need.
    What you are saying is that as I am at 100 iso the noise reduction is not too important . thanks for that spray ..its a shame its so light at this time of year at 10 pm. I only wanted some fireworks for my website as an attractor but I dont think may is the time to do it ...we will see.
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    Anyway Long Exposure Noise Reduction (LENR) is completely different from high ISO NR. LENR is only turns on if the exposure is longer than 1sec (actually can be up to 6 depending on firmware) and is doing a dark frame subtraction second exposure equal to the length of the first exposure as PB_PR said.


    High ISO NR is used to remove high ISO noise and only barely slows down image processing. And at any setting (low, med, high) wouldn't run at ISO 100.
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