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Has anyone used "The Photographer's Ephemeris" iOS app before when planning outdoor shoots? I'm curious if anyone has an other apps they would recommend along these lines and also things people do for planning outdoor shoots landscape or otherwise.



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    Have been using this for over 2 years (ties up with Google earth )

    Brilliant for sunrise and sunsets
    and knowing where the sun will be when shooting weddings
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    I'll be getting this app. I will be planning sunset shoots more regularly not neccesarly photos of the sunset.
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  • cbgcbg Posts: 127Member
    I have it on both my phone and laptop and use it on a lot. The laptop version was free while there is a small cost for the phone version.
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    I have a good friend that has been using it for years on his smart phone and he uses it to schedule photo shoots for the local camera club when shooting sun sets. He highly recommends it.

    I have not used it yet.
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    I don't use it, I use other similar apps for moonrise/moonset, sunrise/sunset, sun and moon trajectory and star maps.

    I visit venues for weddings beforehand to see real-world photography opportunities as my weddings are mostly within 50 miles.
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  • sidewayssideways Posts: 54Member
    Sun Surveyor is another quality and reliable app. Gives sun and moon tracks, times of sunrise, set, blue and golden hours with various modes including overlay on maps. I used it just the other day to decide to race to a sunset :-)
  • tganiatstganiats Posts: 131Member
    I have used it for years and LOVE it. Good for sunrise/set AND moonrise/set.
  • HipShotHipShot Posts: 528Member
    I have used it for years and LOVE it. Good for sunrise/set AND moonrise/set.
    Which app?
  • HvalHval Posts: 110Member
    I don't get an opportunity to make use of ephemeris data for sun rise/ sunset for photography.

    I do need to know sunrise and sunset times, along with the weather for my work though. I actually use an app by Meteogroup. On my iPhone and iPad this app is known as WeatherPro. There is a cheap version and a version you pay an annual subscription for. The annual subscription is only a few pounds (£3.99). With this I get satellite imagery as well as hourly forecasts that are updated every three hours. Plus I am able to see sunrise and sunset times.



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  • TaoTeJaredTaoTeJared Posts: 1,306Member
    I have it on my phone but generally I don't use it. I did use it on vacation in the Caribbean where I was "out of my element" and the sun rise/set was very different. It did help with the times and was useful with direction and path. Mostly I was envisioning an image in my head of a sunset but looking at the app I saw I was 3 months too early for it to happen - so I didn't waste my time - and was shown at sundown, that was the better decision. It certainly helped for being in an area that I didn't know at all.
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  • BabaGanoushBabaGanoush Posts: 252Member
    I have it on my MacPro desktop. It was recommended by Thom Hogan and it was free. On my iPad, I have a similar app called Light Trac, which is very inexpensive. I've used them a couple of times when I needed to get the light just right for shots of surfers and also for shooting the rise of a full moon behind certain landmarks. I used it the other day to plan out some photos I want to take on my vacation in Bora Bora later this year. It made it easy for me to see where I had to be located in order to photograph the sun or the moon against the right backdrop.
  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    It is here Heartyfisher.

    I used this before I went to Rome and Florence to figure out my sunset and sunrise locations.
  • NoXiNNoXiN Posts: 123Member
    I like the apps. I had a website link that did this too but can't find it in my links. the website was free but you have to plan ahead if you use it.
  • pigeyejacksnpigeyejacksn Posts: 36Member
    FYI, grab it now. It's on sale for $3.99 from $8.99. Last time it dropped in price was 2011. I paid full price for my copy and it was worth every penny. I love it. I have been using it for a year or so. I have used it to set schedules up for shoots with clients. Drops all the angles of sunrise and sunset on the maps. Handy for a couple places like to shoot. Angles almost make as much of a difference as times for my favorite spots in town.

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  • cbgcbg Posts: 127Member
    I believe it is free for android platforms
  • scoobysmakscoobysmak Posts: 215Member
    Since I have been looking at this app and a few others like photo pill has any one found an app they couldn't live without. I really like the milky way feature in photo pill but like the ad on apps like sunfire for TPE, I don't believe there is another app like it yet.
  • picturetedpictureted Posts: 153Member
    I use it all the time on my laptop. I also find it very useful for gardening, since I can see how the sun moves through the year for planting.
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  • tganiatstganiats Posts: 131Member
    I have TPE but haven't used it looks like is has more to offer than LightTrac, which I have found to be very helpful in knowing where I want to be (the last time was to see the sun set behind the Arc de Triomphe. Found I had to wait 2 days...great tool
  • SnowleopardSnowleopard Posts: 244Member
    It was recommended to my by a fellow photographer, and I played around with it a bit, but honestly, never use it.
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  • Vipmediastar_JZVipmediastar_JZ Posts: 1,708Member
    I used it yesterday to find out when the sunset will be in march. I mostly use it to schedule wedding timelines.
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