D7000 travel lens: 18-140 vs 18-200

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Hi gents!

I was almost set for the 18-140 but then I saw some pictures of the 18-200 and the indecision started to infect my mind.

What do you think? Is the extra reach worth $100? Are there any other differences I might be overlooking?

What about IQ? DxO hasnt ever review the new 18-200...

Finally, 18-200 seems better built than the 18-140 though.


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    I really liked my 18-200, obviously has a bit better range. Most will say it is soft at 200...I didn't think my copy was that bad. I think overall the picture quality will be about the same...I have heard the 18-140 is pretty good. The 18-200 does have the metal barrel instead of plastic. Mine survived a 4-5 foot drop into snow and rocks on a railroad if that is worth anything.

    I loved the flexibility of the 18-200...I at times still wish I hadn't sold it because it was so nice to just use one lens sometimes.

    Posted them several times before, but here are some again from the 18-200.






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    there is a thread here where I reviewed the 18-140 and compared with my 18-200 ... the af is a bit better on the 18-200 but the IQ is better on the 18-140... .. http://forum.nikonrumors.com/discussion/1664/nikkor-18-140-f3-5-5-6-vr/p1

    I would also consider the new 18-300 F6.3 ..

    There was no change to the lense formula between the "old" and the "new" 18-200 .. so they are exactly the same except for the zoom lock. On my D7000 I prefer the 18-140
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    I have not tried the 18-140mm, but I do have the 18-200mm. I love the lens as a holiday lens. Not good in low light, but a great general purpose holiday lens. I have kept mine even though I have better lenses.



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    Tcole, awesome pics man.

    I'm going with 18-140.

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