Nikon D4 exposure problem

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I am having a problem with my Nikon D4 when I change the exposure setting. When I shoot (manual) 5 shots with at -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 all of the shots come out the same. It looks like the auto metering is overiding my manual expoure settings. I did some test shots at -5, 0, +5 with the same results. If anyone has a comment or suggestions please post. Thanks,


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    In Manual mode, you must set exposure using the shutter speed, aperture or ISO.

    On Nikon cameras, exposure compensation only moves the meter reading, not the exposure. For example, if you set a -1 compensation, the camera cannot know if you intend to achieve this compensation by raising the shutter speed, or by stopping down the aperture, or by lowering the ISO, or a combination of all three. It's up to you to make the actual adjustment.

    The -1 setting is still useful as it provides you with a target to judge your adjustments. But in manual mode you still have to make all the appropriate changes yourself.
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    Have switched auto ISO on by mistake ?
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