AW100 60fps Video Playing in Slow Motion With no Sound

blewynblewyn Posts: 2Member
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Odd behaviour from my AW100 - when I record a video at 1280x720 60fps, then copy the file to my computer, the computer identifies it as a 30fps video (29.97) and plays it at half speed. Sometimes there is no sound, and sometimes there is sound but only for the second half of the video. Why is this happening and how can I change it ?


  • AdeAde Posts: 1,071Member
    That is normal behavior for the AW100 and most other Coolpix cameras.

    The 60fps setting is a special "high speed" (HS) setting, designed for slow-motion playback. So the capture is at 60fps but the playback is at 30fps. Audio is not recorded during HS operation.

    At 60fps, each HS segment is limited to 30 seconds max. After 30 seconds, the camera reverts back to Normal mode, and audio is then recorded (which explains why you have audio in the 2nd portion of your video).

    HS mode can be toggled on/off during recording by hitting the OK button.
  • blewynblewyn Posts: 2Member
    Is there any way to make it record at 60fps with sound, and play at 60fps ?
  • AdeAde Posts: 1,071Member
    Not on these "point and shoot" cameras. You can get true 60 fps w/ audio on Nikon 1 cameras and on certain DSLR models.

    You can use a movie editor (e.g., Adobe Premiere, Apple FCPX) to change the frame rate so the footage will play at normal speed instead of slow-motion, but there is no audio data from the camera. (You'd have to record audio separately).
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