D610: "Lock mirror up for cleaning" disabled

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I need to clean my sensor on my d610.

When I go into the setup menu, the "lock mirror up for cleaning" has been grayed out. When I click OK on it, I get "This option is not available at current settings or camera's current state.

Has anyone experienced this? I know with the D4 cameras, you need to turn off network capabilities before this can be done.

Is there a certain setting I need to disable to be able to lock the mirror up?


  • PB_PMPB_PM Posts: 4,375Member
    Usually means the battery is less than 75% charge.
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  • PhotobugPhotobug Posts: 5,363Member
    Same error message on most Nikon DSLR's. PB_PM is spot on.

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    One can use the A/C power supply if you have one to do the cleaning when the battery cannot be charged in time.
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  • haroldpharoldp Posts: 984Member
    In the beginning (sometime after the creation of light, before then, Nikon had no mission), Nikon required the AC power supply for mirror / shutter lock fearing a dead battery would close them while cleaning, and cause damage.

    This perplexed me since this was V1 FW for the D2x, whose battery will jump start your car, and a fully charged battery is infinitely more reliable then my grid AC power supply.

    Thankfully sanity (and firmware) prevailed and support for battery power was provided, but they are still careful about battery level since a failure, and closing of shutter or mirror on obstacles will require a trip to elsewhere for repair.

    It will also be likely to degrade the users vocabulary, I sometimes lapse into the vernacular when stuff like that happens.

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