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1. Religious/Political discussions are NOT allowed. This is a photography forum. There are plenty of other platforms where you can express your views. Non photography related topics are allowed, but please use your common sense. Non photography threads are permitted at admin's and moderators discretion. Admin and moderators have the right to close topics they deem unnecessary or that contribute to a hostile atmosphere. Questioning admin or moderators actions should be done via PM or those post will be deleted. It all boils down to a simple rule: don't post anything you don't want to read on a forum.

2. No trolling, bashing or use of abusive language. Personal attacks on other members will NOT be tolerated and posts will be deleted. Try to keep your comments with the discussed topic and avoid discussing other forum members. This rule is valid for everyone, including the forum moderators and admin. Moderators word is final when there's discussion going among users (considering the rules) and admin's world is final when moderators have a disagreement.

3. No offensive avatars (gravatars) or usernames are allowed.

4. Copyrighted material: you can post pictures on the NikonRumors Forum only if you are the legal copyright owner of the work. Same is valid for any other type of copyrighted material. Illegal/pirated software requests, discussions, links, serial numbers are not allowed. These posts will be removed immediately. Exceptions will be made by using the "fair use" clause which allows publication of certain copyrighted materials for forum discussion (for example photo competition winner picture). Make sure you give full credit to the copyright owner.

5. Artistic nudity photos cannot be directly embedded to this forum. You are welcome to post a link to a photo that contains artistic nudity but the thread/post must be clearly labeled with NSFW (not safe for work). Please understand that this forum is accessed by many professionals from an office environment and some images could be offensive. For that reason members must be 18 years of age or older to join this forum, members under 18 years of age will need parental approval before joining this forum.

6. Spam / Commercial advertisement is not allowed. Very simple rule - accounts will be deleted without notice, no exceptions. If your first post is spam, your account will be permanently deleted.

7. Privacy: email addresses, names or any other information provided by users during the registration process will not be shared, sold or used in any other way by the forum administrator and forum moderators. Login and password information should not be shared or displayed in the forums. Publication of personal data (mail address, telephone number, email address etc) is prohibited on the public forum - please use the PM (private messaging) function.

8. Illegal activities like child pornography, drugs use, etc. will be immediately reported to the authorities.

9. Liability: with the registration and participation in this forum, the member releases the administrator/moderators from all claims resulting from breaches of the law by the member, for example (but not limited to) damages against third parties or attorney fees.

10. Disclosure: NR Forum is sponsored by advertising companies that display various banners on this forum and by affiliate partners like Amazon, Adorama, B&H and others. If you buy a product through one of the affiliate links, NR will receive a small commission (same price for you). Thanks for your support!

11. When members ask questions, it is expected that they have the courtesy to respond to replies from other members, Failure to do so can result in the thread being deleted if it is therefore decided that it is of no use to others.

12. For Sale postings are NOT allowed in this forum. There are forums dedicated to camera sales, including one dedicated to Nikons, so please post your For Sale messages elsewhere, not here.

The Offense Structure*:

1st Offense: A formal warning will be sent via PM
Upon a members first offense, a PM will be sent to them informing them of the rule violation and they will also be informed of this Offense Structure.

2nd Offense: Account suspension for 7 days
Upon a members second offense, the member will have their account suspended for 7 days. Any attempt to circumvent this suspension by creating extra accounts on the forum will directly lead into a permanent ban from the forum.

3rd Offense: Permanent ban from the forum
Upon a members third offense, the member will be permanently banned from the forum and will never be welcomed back.

*The only exceptions of the above rule are the spam/commercial advertisement posts that will be deleted without warning.

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    Nikon Rumors is intended to be a family forum which is intended to be enjoyed by members of all ages. There has been a drift towards posting images which are not suitable for viewing by members of all ages etc., so we would like our photographer to make the judgement as to whether their image would be judged as inappropriate by members with young family. In such a case, warning should be given in the post as to content and ONLY a link posted on the site as opposed to an image.

    This is already clearly stated in the forum rules, this further announcement is to emphasis it.

    Transgressions would be dealt with using the usual disciplinary procedure of warning then temporary ban and finally permanent ban, although I am sure you will agree that this rule is fair and reasonable and so we do not expect it to be a problem.
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    The email notifications you receive when you get a PM are sent from a generic email address and by replaying to the email, you message will not get delivered to the person who initially sent you the PM. Please use the forum to reply back to PM messages sent to you.
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    There are already plenty of threads discussing whether people should wait or upgrade their existing cameras etc. Please use the forum search function. We are seeing an increase in repeating threads so we will start closing those threads if we moderators feel that your question or topic has already been asked and discussed extensively on numerous occassions. If your thread gets closed or deleted please do not repost it.

    and if You don't want to read the all above: USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION before POSTING
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    NikonRumorsForum users map

    For those interested, the Nikon Rumors Forum users map can be found here:

    The related forum discussion can be found here:
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    INSTRUCTIONS: How to post a photo on Photo-A-Day:

    From your Flickr account photostream:
    Click on image
    Click on the curved outline arrow in lower right hand corner
    Click HTML
    Click on the size box and select medium size with maximum 640
    Copy the plain HTML code (Not the embed code)
    Paste code in your post on NRF

    If in error, a post is made, simply delete the content and leave a message:

    There are other photo sites which will work as well, what is needed is the HTML code for 640 pixel maximum size.

    The related forum discussion is here:
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