Back button focus on D600

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Hello- just watched your video about back button focusing. I have a D60 and had to set up bit differently because I don't have Af activation. I used controls and then assign AE-L/AF-L button. The focus on pics does seem great. When I press AF back button to lock focus sometimes the focus lock in view finder just keeps acting like it can't grab focus, other times the focus indicator works before or when I press shutter. Am I right in that I shouldn't count on that function when using back button? Have it set to AF-C. Thanks!


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    D60 or D600 ?? the button is Auto Exposure lock or Auto Focus Lock......Back focus which I dont think you mean is something different ..

    Bit more information please ...What camera ?? What lens?
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    I believe he is referring to focus using AF-ON but the D60 doesn't have the AF-ON button so will have to use the AEL/AFL button instead. In order to use it correctly, you will need to have it in AF-C (continuous focus). The reason why it seems like it can't lock on focus is due to the fact that it's in continuous focus mode so the focus is always active and every little movement you make the camera is trying to focus on the new area. Once you feel that the focus is good, just let go of the button and press the shutter button to take the picture. I focus this way and it is so much easier/better than half pressing the shutter.
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