Favorite and most hated Accessory..whats yours

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My favourite (ie essential) accessory is the flash flipper ..without that I cannot produce shadowless pictures with on camera flash. Thats my No1
No 2 is the 3rd pary accessory grip--- I makes the camera look more posy but I dont use it for its intended purpose.....The one under my D800 carries 4 spare AA batteries for the flash and the one under the D7100 a spare EN EL 15.....keeps my jacket pockets free of clutter
3rd is the harness that lets me carry two cameras one on each shoulder and does not slip off ...keeps my hands free to work the crowd..

Most hated ....is any flash gun ....Why can they not make it bleep after its taken a shot ..then I would know its ON when I have gone from inside to outside and forgot? My camera bleeps when its focused ... Even a light that stays on all the time when its ON would be helpfull.
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    Most hated accessory: Nikon MC-30 wired shutter release. The wire is stiff and can cause vibration, which kind of defeats the purpose of using it. Yes I'm cheap and don't have a wireless trigger, but the last thing I want is another device with batteries that I have to remember to charge or replace. Not a big fan of the bluetooth shutter releases either, since they can drain the camera battery.

    RE: Flash stuff
    1. What is a flash flipper? No idea what you are talking about.
    2. Not sure what flashes you own, but all Nikon flashes can beep after a shot is taken, but only when used wirelessly with CLS.
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    Most disliked accessory: Rear lens caps. I replaced all of mine with Sigma's.
    Most Favorable: Nikon Fog Eliminator Cloths
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    Most loved: GP-1 GPS Unit

    Most hated: GP-1 GPS Unit

    I have a lot of photos from old days where I had no idea who the people on them were, where we were and even what year it was, and the first few years of digital was almost the same apart from I knew when the photos were taken. So I slowly started to add more information to each photo and when I started with Lightroom... the possibilities felt like they were endless, I just knew I'd want to use the GPS. I bought it just prior to a vacation trip to Australia, I knew I'd want to know exactly where we'd been.

    So easy to loose as it is so small.
    Really, really wish it was a built-in feature in my cameras.
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    The GP-1 is table stakes now. The D810 has it built in I believe Gjesdal.
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    Rotary polarizer when I don't have a rubber jar lid opener; rotary polarizer when I do.
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    Most hated….. do not have one… there are many I cannot get to work correctly all the time, but that is simply a result of an aging brain…. LOL
    Most liked……. Camera bag which allows big, heavy equipment to be easily transported…., has wheels, handle, etc. And can be back-packed…..
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    I would say I love my MD-B12 battery pack the most with the GPS-1 a close second.
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    on the D800 MD-B12 most favorite. Most hated none
    on the DF Soft release button and most hated WU-1a (displays battery life and other functions it crashes).

    For both cameras I like the Arca swiss/Capture Pro plates arca/manfrotto plates and loops from peak design
    and padded neck straps from OP/Tech.
    Also the DK-17M for the magnified viewfinder.
    I know you said one but I find alot of things usefull.

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    The flash flipper or rotating flsh bracket as they have on ebay at about $22


    I do not use a hammerhead flash as this spoils the effect you need a SB400 or flash close to the lens for best effect ...this unit always keeps the flash over the lens never at the side.
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    The GP-1 is table stakes now. The D810 has it built in I believe Gjesdal.
    AFAIK, it doesn't. Rumors said it would but it isn't listed as a feature, but does list the GP-1(a) as something is supported.

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    Really! Damn, I really like my GPS.
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    @Golf007sd: +1 on the : Nikon Fog Eliminator Cloths. Well worth the $5.

    My favorite accessory is the RRS Macro Focusing Rail B150-B. It's outstanding and well worth the money.

    My second favorite accessory is the Gitzo Mountaineer GT3541 tripod.

    My third favorite accessory is the USED Gitzo GM2560T that I bought that was 3 months old and got it at half of the MSRP price. The original owner hardly used it and and put it up for sale on eBay.

    My fourth favorite accessory is the Sirui L-10 monopod head. It's terrific.

    Most hated...well like Msmoto I don't hate anything I buy. I select my gear carefully and it all does a great job. The next item to be replaced is the Markins M20L ball on my tripod. Probably buying the RRS BH-55 LR. Markins is an excellent head but after using a friends BH-55 and BH-40 at a photo work shop, it's time for an upgrade.

    Great thread.
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    Really! Damn, I really like my wifi.
    Got Eye-fi?
  • WestEndBoyWestEndBoy Posts: 1,456Member
    Really! Damn, I really like my wifi.
    Got Eye-fi?
    Whups. That was a typo. I meant GPS and was expressing disapointment that it was not built into the D810.

    I never thought of my RRS setup as an accessory, it is quite big. It goes without saying that that is my favorite.

    Isn't a lens an accessory? If so, that is a draw between my 85 and 135. My least favorite is my 28-200, but that is my favorite paperweight.
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    Favorite - Multiple
    •Manfrotto 026 Swivel Umbrella Adapter - This is the one that everyone else tries to copy but just can't.
    •Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp - I find a new use for these every day.
    •ExpoImaging ExpoDisc - makes life just that much better when editing.
    •Rosco Cinegel #3443 Filter - 1/4 Straw CTS - 20x24" Sheet - The best $7 spent on lighting. Warms the flash without the redness of a normal CTO and not overpowering to the point of looking unnatural.
    •Gaffer tape - buy it by the box.

    •Anything with Velcro - snags everything
    •Lens caps and hoods - I seem to loose them everywhere.
    •Every bag I own - not a one does the thing I need the most that day. They all fall short. ;)
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  • Most hated WU-1b constant just out of range, draining batteries.
    Most loved 50mm f/1.8g
    Most loved 2, VAL's but that is not Nikon only.
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