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I have had a good experience using the capture NX2 of Nikon. However ever since I clicked on that green button in the upper left corner of of the application to maximise it to the screen I have not been able to get it back into window form.

It is quite annoying since I can't comfortably work with it with a second window of another application next to it. I have tired everything I can think of but have not been able to get out. Can anyone help me?

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    Welcome to NRF. I suspect one of the more computer savvy members can solve your problem. :)
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    Nikon has a tendency to ignore standard OS controls in their software. I'm not exactly sure what is happening here, maybe you could clarify? Is NX2 in full screen mode? If so you should be able to get back to windowed mode by pressing Command + F, if it functions a like standard Mac software. If it is not in full screen mode, you should be able to drag the window to the size you want just like any other application using the mouse.
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    Ya, I had figured that it would be one of those. But It doesn't function like that. It isn't the standard mac full screen mode where you click on the double diagonal arrow icon on the top right of the screen.

    It is rather the clicking of the small green + icon on the top left. Once I did that it maximised, and those red yellow and green icons disappeared. It is like the software became part of the desktop. I can't move it, I can't resize it, I can't even move it to another desktop. In mac you can usually 4 finger swipe up to see all the valuable desktops and drag windows from one desktop to another.... when I do that I don't even see the nikon program.

    I never expected such a basic thing to be so annoying. I had also tried to uninstall and remove all of the preference documents and reinstalling hoping to get back to that windowed form, and avoid maximising the software in the future, but that too was futile. Chances are I will move back to adobe photo shop or other software for editing. :-(
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    No point in using NX2 anyway, since it won't support new cameras anymore, it is discontinued.
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    in windows it is the escape key that exits from full screen mode
    I believe it is the same for the mac
    fairly standard for software with full screen modes

    page 232 of the manual
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    Sure... I read the manual and saw that. But really I tried all the usual standard shortcut keys and commands.

    Escape, cmd F, cmd shift F, etc etc etc.

    In mac you have two windows, you have the window that runs capture NX 2 with the folder, browser palettes etc. and then the picture you have open. All of these full screen commands affect the picture windows, as well as cascade and such. But still, nothing seems to affect the main window.

    Anyways. I have uninstalled it. Unless someone who has used the software in mac and can tell me how to exit this full screen view and have tested it I don't think I will bother installing it again.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions thus far.
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