New Mac Pro, what software?

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I have just finished setting up my new Mac Pro. I caved in and upgraded my oMP3,1 to an nMP6,1 (6-core/64GB RAM/2xD700/1TB PCIe SSD).

On my oMP I have been using Aperture for the workflow, and Adobe Creative Suite 6 for editing. Now however, I decided the it was time to jump on the Adobe Creative Cloud wagon, and I got a subscription for the entire CC Suite. However, I was hoping to continue using Aperture, and was waiting for an upgrade when I learned that Apple (in their infinite wisdom) is discontinuing it:( What to do??? I only use it for workflow, but I still find LightRoom so terrible at this, and having tried out Capture One, I am still set on Aperture.

With such a beefy computer, what could I use? My workflow is usually:

1) Move photos off the two cards (JPGs and RAWs), copying them across onto my NAS,
2) Import into Aperture, keeping them location/month separated,
3) Light editing if needed in Aperture (I also have the DxO and the NIK plugins), complex in PhotoShop,
4) Import edited versions into Aperture,
5) Publish from Aperture.

I like that Aperture takes a non-destructive approach to photos on my NAS, and I like that I can have several libraries, and I like it is an Apple thinking that went into it.

What's other Apple users using???


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    Take a look at the thread started a few weeks back from the announcement of Aperture's demise. Most are moving to Lightroom from the looks of things. IMO there is nothing that can match Aperture's DAM, so it's demise is a pain, but not much we can do about that. Basically your best bet is to manage the files manually the way you would have in Aperture.
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    What's other Apple users using???

    LR 5.5 on MacPro6,1/6-core/32GB RAM/2xAMD D500/1TB SSD/4x2TB TBolt2 external JBOD/4TB TM backup

    UPDATE, installed software: DxO Optics Pro 9.5, Viewpoint 2.1; Autopano Pro 3.6; Perfect Photo Suite 8.5
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