So what is on the wall in your living room or office

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....... You just never know when you're going to want to print that photo out for the wall in your living room or office.
Out of interest, how many of you have your own work above the mantel piece ?

and if not why not

As ever, please do not take this too seriously


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    I have printed several Canvas like prints and 8x12 prints and have them in my Living room. I get a lot comments and feedback too
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    Not even a 5x7. My wife complains about it all the time. So I tell her to pick some and we'll print them out and hang them. "I can't," she says, "There are too many I like."

    And so it goes.
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    I have 3 8x10 prints sitting on a desk, and a 2014 wall calendar with my top 12 images from last year.
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    I have a 16x20 of mine in our house's entry way, and my partner has two different meter-sized prints up, one in our entry way, and one in her makeshift yoga studio. These are prints from our old place.

    We recently moved into a new house and my views on what we should put up are clashing with hers, so printing is on standby until we agree. I'm sure some of you can imagine what that's like. :)
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    ... And no time to use them.
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    None of my work is on my wall in my office or my lab, nor in my living room or dining room at home. But I do have my better photos on the wall in few other places: just not the first place you look if you are a visitor. Mostly they are 13 x 19 prints I printed up with my handy Canon 9500 printer. Rather than have a lot up on the walls at one time, I have only a few, but I change them seasonally.

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    In my living room, no prints. In my office and the downstairs hall to the family room, there are lots of my pictures. Most are 8x10.
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    My wife has 3 16x20s in her office. We don't have a lot of wall space at home, so I'm trying to decide waht to hang in the limited space.
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    We have a bunch of bw seascape scenes in our living room. All 8x12". Self made of course. To give a color contrast we hung up 2 large oil paintings my wife made, about 24x36". Upstairs we have a 18x24" bw sunflower study. BW generally suits our interior style.
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    I have a number of 24 inch by 36 inch prints up in various places around my house. Some shot with the D800 and others shot with the D600. I also have a few 16 inch by 24 inch prints shot with the D90 or the D7000 around in other places in my house. But most of the Art on my walls is very good reproductions of French Impressionist Oil Paintings.
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    I have them as backgrounds on my 27" screens on my nMP - both at work and at home. On the walls I have original Tom Everharts and Wyland:)
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    I have a 24x36 landscape over my mantel in the LR, a 48" long pano landscape in the FR a few other 13x19 and 8.5x11 around the house and 5 13x19 in a wide hallway we call the "gallery" that gets changed every 9-12 months, or so. I don't see the point of owning a D800 just to post on Flickr.
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    I have a new partner and we are replacing all the artwork in the house
    We are about to have made a 28" x 40" sea scape, of the image that I posted on this thread

    my gut feeling is to make it a canvas
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    Hi all,

    Dozens of pictures of my children, grandchildren, family and friends of all sizes. In other rooms, there are other prints with other subjects, but I prefer my family and close friends in the living room.

    My best,

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    A canvas print of my daughter 30x40" from a d700 in our living room. I think i asked about the print size here (i think it was in the older forum).
    I was scared about the output, although it can be better, all in all it helped me decide to get d800 when it was launched.
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    Well I will throw my 3 cents in. In the living room have a Thomas Kinkade, its either a Gallery Proof or Publisher Poof, don't remember. I have a few of my 13X19 prints sitting around not framed yet and I would say about 20 or 30 4x6 not framed in the office that I took. I have this post processing gremlin that I want to get rid of, I think I am trying to do too many things at once. I should concentrate on getting my photos to look good on my calibrated monitor first then I can calibrate the printer to the monitor so my prints would look the same (or at least get it close). I didn't play with it long enough before I got sent to the sandbox. Something to do when I get back.

    Off topic.....
    Additional note on the Thomas Kinkade, the wife and I picked it out on our honeymoon. After all the great debates on whats a fake and whats real not sure it if matters what I have, the main thing though is we enjoy it so the rest of it doesn't really matter anyway. It was a true Thomas Kinkade gallery and its still in business today so hope that's a good sign mine could be a real one. I think he was a rare artist in a few ways, first his prints sold for quite a bit of money while he was still alive, second his prints haven't really gone up in price after he died (that could be changing but don't see any skyrocket pricing going to happen anytime soon). I think this is due to the circumstances around how his prints were created and the amount of fakes on the market. Plus the facts around his life story after he died. There are probably a few other reasons but those just kinda stick out to me.
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    Here's mine, BB King. Picture came out great, this shot not quality.

  • PapermanPaperman Posts: 469Member
    One Picasso, one Matisse .....
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    @bland - I remember that one from PAD. Excellent photo!
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    ... And no time to use them.
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    In the living room we have a 24 x 36 B&W of the Oak in the vineyard that we believe is a copy of an Ansel Adams that my wife received when her office closed down. I have a 18 x 24 color pic of a grapes on the vine that I took at a winery. A 13 x 19 version of the grapes on the vine in the kitchen. and various 8 x 10 Vacation shots of mine around the dining room and bedroom that we rotate on occasion. Also some 5 x7 of family and friends in the kitchen. My motivation is to print what my wife likes and try to get better. She still prefers some of my P&S shots from a few years back so I have some work to do. R
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    Good post! I keep trying to think up a new post here, but searching always shows someone has thought of it first, like this one!

    I have a handful of 11x14's framed in the living room. Most were taken with a circa 2005 Canon S80 compact! It's a series of mostly night-time city shots: Paris, NYC. One from my OM-1n, Seattle. Only have one from my D60 of Marseille. That should tell me something. Small camera, small tripod, no issue with noise shooting at base ISO and 2 second exposures. Will travel! If Nikon doesn't get their 1 series act together soon, I may have to pick up an RX-100 variant and a little Joby.

    To be fair though, I have an AppleTV plugged-in to our living room TV which converts it into a 40" display rotating through an album of my D60's photos - hundreds of them. That's on much of the time while playing music. Printing? Hmmmm. Photos just POP from the LCD display like slide projectors of old. Maybe not "accurate" but it really grabs the eye.
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    I was a dedicated amateur photographer (read snap shot taker) from 1961 until about 1975. Then it became work and I quit. With the Nikon N90s was available I started in again - and tried to keep it a hobby and fun. With the D200, things changed. I joined a photo club and started trying to improve my photography. At that time, the only photos on mine that were hanging in any family members home were pictures of family members (portraits).

    Today, several of my photos hang in three different family homes and these photos do not include portraits. Three are on metal, two are on canvas, and several are on paper. So, the photo club worked.
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    So, the photo club worked.
    There's nothing like being among other photographers to make you raise your game I find. YMMV.
    Always learning.
  • Golf007sdGolf007sd Posts: 2,840Moderator

    There's nothing like being among other photographers to make you raise your game I find. YMMV.
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    Paint is on my walls :D

    I do have a few Framed objects hanging off my walls. Most is art I've acquired over 35 years working in frameshops and art gallery's, My photo's are in the hallway and bedrooms. The coolest thing are three Civil War pistols that great great grandfather used in the war. 44 Remington a smaller belly revolver and a single shot boot gun. All well used.

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    Wow framer - what treasure!
    Always learning.
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