Nikon AW1 Replacement?

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Hi there. I live internationally and do a lot of traveling. I also have been known to break things so I thought the Nikon AW1 would be a perfect fit for me as relatively portable camera that's shockproof and waterproof. I came very close to pulling the trigger on purchasing the AW1 but then realized that it has been out for a couple of years already. It dawned on me that there should be a replacement coming out with better features and capabilities. Has anyone heard of new version coming out? How often does Nikon update their cameras? Is there a certain time of the year they release the new cameras? Thanks!


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    The AW1 is Nikon's orphan camera: no "parents," no REAL "siblings." Some inveterate Nikon watchers have even expressed doubt there will be any "children," i.e., a next generation. Until very recently, the black model was almost impossible to get in the US. I snagged one a few months ago, but unfortunately have not had much opportunity to use it underwater except for a few tests to make sure it was water tight. I'll be taking it with me on a trip to French Polynesia later this year. Even if the price drops in the next two month leading up to the big Photokina trade show in late September, I have no regrets about buying my camera. It will do what I want it to do.
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    I don't think there are any plans to kill the line off yet, but then again Nikon support really isn't stellar in terms of supply.

    They really have created a Nikonos replacement, I hope they keep going with this line. It's truly weird they're not capitalizing on the heritage of the name. They can call it the Nikonos 1.
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    The AW1 hasn't even been on the market for one year yet (released Sept 2013, not a few years ago), but I suspect if there is an update this year it will come at Photokina in September.
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    That zoo trip i went to had a photographer with a AW1... Nice images from it with the 30-110 (non waterproof).
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    The AW1 hasn't even been on the market for one year yet (released Sept 2013, not a few years ago), but I suspect if there is an update this year it will come at Photokina in September.

    Considering that it keeps going out of stock, I don't see why Nikon would release a new one yet. Out of all of the Nikon 1 series, this is the only camera that fills a real niche that no other company has.
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    Thank you so much for your responses. I could have sworn I have seen reviews or something that was dated in 2012 that made me think the AW1 was older than it was but I failed to find any of these on my initial searches. I do all of my shopping online and have never seen any problems with finding an available camera. I just hate buying something and then seeing it upgraded a few months later.
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    Nikon does have some other cameras with similar names, aka AW110 (compact point and shoot camera), so I can see how you might have been confused. The AW1 is part of the Nikon 1 interchangeable lens system.
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    I have owned MANY underwater cameras! The AW 1 and the Go Pros have outperformed all the rest. We use the AW 1 a lot as a contractor camera to document work on site. It is a very useful camera! If I was just buying the camera for normal land use I would take the D3300 and the 18-55VR kit lens. The AW 1 is new enough that if it were replaced it would be a real problem needing to be fixed. We have had no problems with ours and it has been to some pretty exotic locations for UW use and on quite a few action sports trips. There is only two lens that are waterproof as yet, the 10mm and the variable kit lens. We have only the later lens. It is not quite as wide as an 18mm on the wide end, and not quite a long as a 55mm in both cases referring to Nikon DX format equivalent. I have owned an AW110 and it is not even worth considering!
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    I bought one mainly to take on a family vacation to Vanuatu, but also for my kids to learn on. It has worked out perfectly.

    We got some outstanding pictures with it, including a cool super slow motion of me swinging off a rope into Blue Lagoon.

    There are a few things that are worth noting about it and I will add them here when I get home.
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    You lied to me Gareth! Where's this update of yours?!
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    Haha, you caught me. I was hoping no one would notice.

    I will have to make the time, but I'm a little busy ATM.
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    I'd like to buy this camera, but I'm not sure yet. I've got 3 questions for you guys:
    1) In this camera there isn't the VR; could it be a problem according to you?
    2) are there just 2 waterproof lens? or are there more?
    3)Does you suggest me to buy this camera now, or maybe is better to wait for a new model? (aw2)
    Thank you guys
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    That's where I'm at now too nikonpixx. I don't know what a VR is but there are only 2 waterproof lenses. From my initial research I've read the other lenses work on it but they aren't waterproof. On the official Nikon website the camera has been discounted and I can't help but feel that there will be a new one coming out in the next few months. But there isn't a lot more evidence to believe so other than the discounts online and my spider sense.
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    nikonpixx; I am splitting my answers into 2 sections, relevant to the topics.

    1) & 2) answered here:


    Well I guess that depends on your needs. I doubt the new model will have any great advantages over the current one if the other Nikon 1 upgrades are anything to go by. I bought mine for a specific trip that was booked, and so had no option to wait. As it's the end of summer in the north now (not for me) it may be better waiting till spring if you live up there. The camera really does need good light to shine, especially with the kit lens.
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