SB-700 Auto FP mode

CaptMikeCaptMike Posts: 19Member
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The D7000 is set to Auto FP 1/320*
Camera is in Manual mode with SB-700 attached
Shutter speed can now be dialed up to 1/8000 sec.

However, after viewing some videos, it appears that the speedlight "should" indicate FP in the LCD display when the shutter speed setting is greater than the Auto FP setting selected in the camera menu (1/250* or 1/320*)...

Then I ran into this sight which states:
"But anytime the camera menu is in Auto FP mode (except for SB-700 I think), then the flash LCD always displays "FP" at any shutter speed, regardless if the shutter speed is actually setting FP mode or not" (note the EXCEPT FOR SB-700)

Anyone know if in fact you will/should see "FP" in the SB-700 display at any time?


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