Laptop for camper van under £600 ( I allredy have 2 powerfull desk tops )

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I am looking for a laptop for my campervan
I am already have 2 powerful desktops at home both windows 7
so please do not try and sell me a Mac. Yes they are lovely but I have chosen windows, the same way as I chosen Nikon
I have 5 years of using Lightroom and I am too old to learn anything else
Yes I have an i pad but its going to my partner when I buy this
It does not have to be practically thin or light
I have chosen a 15.6" over 17" as 17" wont fit in any of my bags
I would prefer to spend about £500 so please don't go over £600 I don't want the worry of a £1,500 laptop in the van
It will be used for on site editing with Lightroom 5
final editing will done at home
I am looking at something like this

ASUS X550CC-XO016H 15.6" Laptop
•Intel® Core™ i5-3337U processor
•Windows 8
•Memory: 6 GB
•Hard drive: 750 GB

adding more RAM or going to i7 seems to blow the budget

Many Thanks

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