Nikon D610 Usage Question, Please

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Hi. I just got a new d610, never had a digital camera before. I discovered the "trim" function yesterday and figured it out somewhat. I'd like to know if there's an available option to actually crop a photo, such as can be done in software. Thanks if you can help.


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    Hi Ray
    welcome to the digital age
    if you have used to film in the past and printed you photos in a darkroom
    you might like to look at a program called Adobe Lightroom. it does every thing you did in your darkroom, on your computer, only 100 times faster
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    You say this is your first digital camera so let me advise..if you are shooting JPEG remember they all come out he factory set soft need to push the sharpness control up to +9....and please please dont use AUTO at least use P which will enable you to set the auto iso to 100-6400 letting the camera adjust the iso for darker interiors without using flash. I dont know what lens you have but when you get into it a bit more you should adjust the back focus ,,never found a nikon lens that did not need some adjustment...
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