D5300 Focus Problem?

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seem to be having inconsistent focus with my D5300 when paired with the DX 35mm f1.8g when shooting with the viewfinder. I've sent the camera and the 35mm DX f1.8g lens to Nikon for service and got marginally better results but about half of my shots are still out of focus. Nikon now tells me that it is user error and not a problem with the camera. Are they trying to avoid the problem for is it really user error? I have no problem getting in focus pictures when using live view or with the kit 18-55mm lens.

Image 4448 was shot with the viewfinder in auto mode (AF-A, single point focus, center focus point) as requested by the Nikon rep. It is slightly front focusing. Image 4449 was shot in live view with the same settings and is in perfect focus. The ten images of the espresso maker is to show the inconsistent focus. They were shot in manual exposure, AF-S, center focus point, and focus is on the black dial of the espresso maker. Only half of the shots are in focus and of those, there are variations in the accuracy of the focus.







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