Additional D800, D810, D610, D4s, or...?

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I am getting to a point where I might get another body to supplement my D800. My logic is that I right now have a D7000 which I use alongside my main camera, but it is a DX. I like having two bodies when I am taking pictures - especially when I am out in nature where I do not like to change lenses, due to flies, knots, and mosquitoes.

It would be nice it was very much like the D800, so I won't have to learn another set of controls, and the two bodies could share extras. However, I'd also like some new functionality, i.e. more FPS. Not sure I can swing a D4s though.

What camera do you compliment your D800s with? Suggestions, experiences?


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    1st I agree completely with PitchBlack but is you are in a situation to easily afford the D810 I would go there because it would give you the latest tweeks.

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    lol - that was my thinking as well; either the D810 or a D800e (which as you say can be had cheap-ish) - just needed the confirmation from trusted folks like yourselves.

    I won't bother with the battery grip, just switch and use a new D800e or D810 as main camera with my MB-D12, and have the "old" D800 in the belt.

    Now onto finding the best deal...
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    My D800E which I purchased used a month ago is a great compliment to the D4. I cannot think of a reason I would ever need another camera body, unless Nikon brings out a full frame mirrorless accepting all my lenses.

    But, as we grow more chronologically more mature (think older than dirt) we find our needs are becoming less and our ability to be happy with what we have much better. For those who are actively shooting professionally, unless one is very intent on shooting action scenes, the D800, 800E, 810, would be quite sufficient. And, PitchBlack seems to shoot polo with his D800's and I suspect he does not miss a shot except on rare occasions. (FPS D800 vs. D4 or D4s)
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    You mention that your backup will be on your belt?
    I have the think thank belt and the Peak Design that I clip the DF onto it as my ready to shoot backup camera.
    If the D810 was not out I would recommend the DF but I would say go for the D810 as I will be swapping out my D800 for a D810 to compliment my DF.
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    Am in a similar position (and for many of the same reasons). Have been holding out for a DX body with the D800 layout, which I've gotten quite used to, as I think the two would complement each other nicely. I don't think it's happening. The only question now is whether I purchase a used/refurbed D800/e or bite the bullet and get the D810 (although for what I'd use it for the only tangible benefit would be an extra fps, improved buffer, and an improved focusing system). However, as Moto said, Pitchblack seems to be shooting polo just fine with a D800, so who am I to say I can't shoot birds at 4fps?
    Either way, I'm going to wait until Apple updates its RAW support for the new camera, so there's no tremendous urgency.
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    @proudgeek, yesterday Apple updated the RAW Compatibility to include Nikon P340, and I am sure the next update will include support for D810.

    I use the Peak Design belt holder as well, but I am not happy with it when I have the battery grip on the D800. It works on the D7000 with no battery grip, and hence I'll move my MB-D12 onto any new D800e/D810, and start using my original D800 on the belt. My main camera I have on the Black Rapid Sports Sling.

    I agree the FPSes aren't that important, and certainly not enough to warrant the price of the D4s. Hence, D800e or D810 it is. I know the setup and layout.

    With the layout changes on the D810, is there anything other than the RRS L-Plate which is different?

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    @Killerbob: A few years ago I was in the same position as you. After consulting with a few trusted members, comparing the features of the two bodies in question, I made my choice. Every time I shoot, I'm at peace knowing I made the right choice.

    The D800/e or D810 is the "logical" choice...given your personal usage of it. However, I would like to be the little devil on your shoulder by whispering softly in your ear: D4s. If you happen to have a shop around you, go give it a test drive....what harm could come from it. :-?
    Let me just say: once you hold a full-body D-SLR, like the D4/D4s, in you hand, put it in CH and press the shutter will understand. The WoW factor is the point where you marvel at it by pointing it to your face and looking at it from all direction, only to say to yourself: "Really....?"

    In closing, as photographers, we should all push ourselves...within reason that does not put us in harms it the venue where the shoot is taking place, the subject matter, and the cost of doing it. Creativity does come at a just all depends on how much you are willing to pay.
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    I especially when I am out in nature where I do not like to change lenses, due to flies, knots, and mosquitoes.

    beware of something like a D4s. You might find you always have the right lens on the wrong camera
    and ending up with 2 changes rather than one
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    If it was me I would consider getting another D800 - everything is the same right down to the RAW output.

    If I was in the US and I was buying a new body - then maybe a D810 as the difference in price is small.
    If I was in the EU and buying new - then a D800 is significantly cheaper.

    Buying used - D800 is coming down in price fast even on low shutter count ones. Here in Denmark most of the D800s are within warranty when put up for sale.

    So unless you really need what the D810 has to offer go for a D800.
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    I would be in the Df/D4 crowd. You would get the best of both worlds. The Df has it's unique drawbacks but they are largely over exaggerated by people who don't actually use it. I have talked to quite a few who have both the D800 and the DF and they love that combo. D800 for work primarily and for when one needs the resolution and the DF for low light and when resolution doesn't matter. If I didn't have some large unexpected expenses this summer, A DF is what I would have in my bag along side a D800. I just don't see the point (for me) in owning a identical 2nd body. I get some like to work that way, or need a back-up at the same caliber - I just don't. To me the DF expands capabilities into an area (low light) that it does better than the D800.
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    I am in the D800 camp@killerbob for your second camera. Look for a used or refurbished model.
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    Here in Denmark most of the D800s are within warranty when put up for sale.
    No they aren't Henrik - Nikon's warranty is first owner only. Many people don'y realise that unless they buy new or refurbished there is no warranty. This is the case even at 1 click old unless the previous owner didn't register it and gave you the bill of sale which doesn't have his name on it.
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    @spraynpray: As I understand it the US warranty is 5 years to the original owner. I am pretty sure the warranty is 2 years here in Denmark to whoever owns the gear. It would be illegal to limit the warranty to only one person here - at least I think so. All they ever ask for is a recipe. And there is no names on ours.
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    I live in the UK - so I am in the EU too. Nikon UK have told me this information and I agree it would not be legal to have different rules in different EU States - especially when the both use the same distributor namely Nikon Europe (Bv). If your gear has not been registered and you are lucky enough to have a till receipt with no name on it, you have a warranty but only through the back door!
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    . I am pretty sure the warranty is 2 years here in Denmark to whoever owns the gear. It would be illegal to limit the warranty to only one person here - at least I think so..

    Normally the contract is with the seller and the buyer. full stop

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    Nikon's warranty is first owner only.
    Normally the contract is with the seller and the buyer. full stop
    As Henrik says, the warranty follows the product (the receipt). So, in Denmark, the above are incorrect. It's completely irrelevant if a company tries to limit their warranty below what the law says. It can never apply. Ever. (Full stop.) Even if they make you sign something, it still doesn't apply, if it doesn't follow the law.
    This applies in Denmark and probably all other EU countries.
    (Knowing Nikon's recent track record for screwing their customers, it's no surprise if they try to run away from their obligations.)

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    if a company tries to limit their warranty below what the law says. It can never apply. Ever. (Full stop.) Even if they make you sign something, it still doesn't apply, if it doesn't follow the law.
    This applies in Denmark and probably all other EU countries.


    But consumer Law governs the buyer ( the consumer ) and the seller. not any third parties

    If you buy a second hand or refurbish item from a company a new contact is entered into
    and you are protected by consumer legislation

    but if you buy from a private individual, they are not bound by consumer legislation

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    In Denmark at least it was confirmed in court that a 2nd buyer still could claim under original warranty. The case, which was about a year ago, proved that Danish 2-year reclamation right, as well as purchased extended warranty is for the product, not the buyer. In this case a buyer had purchased an Apple MacBook with the 3-year AppleCare extension, and sold it on during that 3 years. The second owner had an issue, and Apple was forced to accept the claim.

    I am sure any producer will try to wiggle out of this obligation, as it is not standard in EU, but take it all the way and you will win. You have to prove the purchase data, and in case it is the 2-year reclamation right you are trying to file under, you need to prove it is a manufacturing fault. That is difficult if you are the only one experiencing the issue, but as we have the internet and discussion forums, it is relatively easy in most cases.
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    Nikon's Swiss warranty is for the product, no matter if the person discovering an issue covered by warranty is first or second owner - that's what they wrote me. What the second buyer needs is the original bill, the Nikon European Service Warranty and the warranty card, and that's enough.

    So, in general it's not always correct to say "only first buyers benefit of warranty".

    And as for the original question: If you don't miss anything with your D800, now's the time to get a really good price for second body. That's as well the only way to exchange camera settings with a simple memory card - all other models you need to set up for themselves. Forget the idea of D4s, just imagine what glass you could afford fort he difference.
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    I will check the prices on the D810 and the D800e in Denmark. Living in Greenland I benefit from some special deals, as well as pay no VAT. That actually makes Denmark the cheapest place in Europe to buy electronics etc. Because the VAT is so high, the producers artificially lower the prices to sell goods. Same for cars, funny enough. If it wasn't for the taxes and VAT cars in Denmark would the cheapest in all of Europe...

    Of course that does not apply to the used market, and for me to buy something second hand in Denmark would be just stupid. More often my new price is lower than any used price (the original buyer paid tax and VAT and wants it back). Unfortunately I haven't seen the D810 in stock anywhere in Denmark.
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    I am facing this decision on buying another body. I just gave away my D700, and now have a D800e and a D3x. I often tour with 3 lens/body combo's mounted and do a lot of wildlife/BIF.

    I will get a D810 as soon as I can save something in combo with a lens I actually want.

    I do not have a D4 or Df, and can have no opinion relative to them, but the D800e fits my low light needs very well when I down res the 36mp images to 18 or 12mp. I have had very good results in stage light theater work using this approach at ISO 6400. It is notably better than my D700 was at that ISO, and even though down ressed to an equivalent 12 mp, resolution stayed better.

    I expect the D810 to be somewhat better, but have no Idea how much.

    Regards ... Harold
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    My initial impressions of a D4 vs. a D800E is the D4 has very clearly less noise at ISO 6400 and above. The D800E, IMO, gets noisy above 3200.

    Now, this could be my error, but I can say the same "error" on the D4 seems to not produce noise.
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    I limit ISO to 3200 on my D800. There is to much noise if I push it to 6400. I think you would be better off using a D4/s above 1600/3200.

    @killerbob: D810 is only sold in two places in Denmark to keep prices up - Photografica and Goecker. They run at 26.000,- Dkr.

    D800 is 17.500,-
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    As for Nikon warranty in the US. It seems odd to me that the warranty follows a person and not the camera Nikon made. A camera works or it does not work regardless of the person owning it.
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