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I'm not sure about others but I spend a lot of time looking for specific "looks" that people ask if I can do or apply to a shot.

I'm sure others have found some they would like to share as well.

Source: Youtube - F.J. Westcott
Looking for: Sports high contrast lighting

Lighting set-up is easy - what I was amazed by was he recorded all of his PS edits. Shows how much work goes into a great finished shot.

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    Shows how much work goes into a great finished shot.
    You can complain about not liking it or it not being real photography, but you either learn or you get left behind.
    That is life in a nutshell these days.
    Always learning.
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    This is why sometimes I just have to stay very patient when people say "get it in camera." There are some looks that are really cool and interesting that simply cannot be gotten in camera no matter what kind of lighting genius you are. You can get a good look, but it's not the same look....
    Don't forget having a seemingly endless pool of models just sitting around make things look good too. ;) I'm trying to find the video again where someone actually attempted to re-create the "Grimes look" above without PS. By the end it looked like there where two octopuses below and one above the model holding all the modifiers and flashes. Funny as hell and came close too but still just didn't quite get there.

    Just as in any field of skilled work, very few remotely understand the labor and skill behind an end product.
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    Just as in any field of skilled work, very few remotely understand the labor and skill behind an end product.
    The truly skilled make it look so easy that you say "Shoot, I can do that, it looks so easy." and then when you try you screw it up bad, or realize the amount of actual skill and hard work required, you just hire them again.

    My favorite analogy here are the cooking shows. Try to make a soufflé by following a video of how to make it, go ahead, I dare you :-S
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    Maybe its not the same thing buy wife learned to crochet by looking at youtube videos. She made hats, blankets, bow ties, etc etc.

    Ok back to the photography I agree its not easy by saying I can do that and then you attempt and fail but for me its a learning curve.
    I'm going to give photoshop a good run one of these days on a portrait.
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    JZ, I agree if it is something you want to learn, you will, but only putting in the time and energy. I'm sure your wife made a few boo-boos before "getting the hang of it". Just like you can lean to make a soufflé, but the first several will be quite ugly. Same with photography, your first 2700 attempts may just suck, but that 2701 will rock!
    The skilled only got that way by doing it repeatedly and usually with a mentor or as an apprentice. I had good teachers for photography so that helps.
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    +1 on having a Mentor - that just can't be replaced. I had a few good ones when I lived in a different state, but just can't find anyone willing to take me on around me. I have been trying to assist for a couple of people in the area as their business is very established and quite large. Sadly though, if they see someone with their own gig as a "competitive" enemy to their business and don't really want to help. Others though really enjoy the help and can give you a few tips.

    I'm certainly not the most skilled person at PS but I try to set aside a few hours a month just to watch videos and learn different things. Just to watch some of the truly talented people out there almost makes me sick to my stomach how easy they make it seem. I actually keep a notebook with what settings for different things they use.
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