Nikon AS-15 Sync Terminal Adapter with low cost studio flash

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Hello folks!

I received last week a low cost studio flash "Godox Mini Pioneer Series 120" which is coming from China I guess. I am not discussing here the quality of this light studio, which is certainly way below average, I am just wondering how I can connect it to my D610.

The studio flash has a "Sync Cord Jack", and after some research on the Internet I found out that I need some kind of accessories, e.g. the Nikon AS-15 Sync Terminal Adapter. I read as well that there exist risk of voltage problem depending on the studio flash used, that could break or damage the camera.

My questions are as follow:
1. Is this the Nikon accessory that I need?
2. If so, is it true that there are volatge problem with low cost studio flashes that could damage or break the camera?
3. If so, is there any other alternative?

Thank to the Nikon Rumors community for the help, cheers,



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