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Morning all,

My wife & I, have been discussing my photography since even before my last posting about getting the same opportunities as press accredited photographers. I apologise for mentioning that thread, even though I learnt a lot from it.

My purpose is to be able to obtain press accreditation to some events, even though I would not be taken photographs on a professional basis (I.e. For money).

One of the recommendations that came from a number of people was to have my own web site to show examples of my photographs that can assist in me getting accreditation. I currently use Flickr, which I most definitely am not a fan of. I do not find it easy to use if you wish to do more than basic things.

To that end, I am trying to think of what a good photographers website looks like. In my head I have an idea that I would like to group photographs by type (e.g. Aviation, sports, reportage, macro, birds, animals, plants, etc.) as well as possibly by event (e.g. Hong Kong 7's, Commonwealth Games, etc).

Does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, ideas or examples of good web sites that I might learn from please?

I have looked at some websites and most are not my taste. Also most are set up to "sell" a photographer. Totally understandable, but not what I want.

I think,I am trying to set up an an line art gallery that displays my photographs to their best advantage. I am not selling the photographs, nor I am I selling me as someone whose time can be booked. I do want people to know that the photographs are copyright protected though.

Thank you all, again for putting up,with me.



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    Hi @Hval, I think this was discussed in a past thread although I can't at the moment think of the heading. It was about websites and such. Perhaps this will eventially be linked to that thread. In the meantime it sounds like your goal is to showcase your talents thru photography and maybe tell a little about yourself. There are lots of portfolio type websites for artists and photographers around and they've all got their good points and shortcomings. So I recommend a portfolio type site to start. At some point in the future you may want to link it to a blog type site to be more chatty about your activities.

    All I can offer is a site like (used to be but there are many like it. It offers many templates to chose from and you can use a page to tell who you are and what you're about and give your concact info. It's desktop, laptop, and mobile computing ready and the images will be high rez. Best of luck to you.
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    If you want anything more than the basics, you will want to find a hosting site with Wordpress or a content management system to "roll yer own". Many of the pros I know use smugmug.
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    Thank you both for your feedback. Very much appreciated.

    No wonder I didn't find them. I looked for websites.

    My apologies for taking up forum space. I hope the links and infer provided by Ironheart and by Rx4Photo are of use to others.

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