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I know this product has been thrown around inside different threads but I saw and add for it again and wondered if anyone had been using it.

Light Blaster


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    I saw the ad before.. seemed fun but then I realised I could use a slide projector or even a cheap Screen projector maybe even a portable one.. and a laptop/smartphone with a ton more flexibility..
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    Kind of my thoughts echoed above too. I like the idea, and could see it for some kid shots. I have been working on building a photo booth and thought this might be a cheesy neat idea that might work. It almost looks like a Lensbaby where you can at least tilt it a bit might be an option.

    @PitchBlack - do you think there is a way to put a constant light source (like a led spot) to it to pump out the image? I was thinking if one modified a LED work light with about a 5,000 lumen output light to it.
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    hummm - this may be one of those things I put an ebay search up and see if I can get one cheap.

    Good thing is I have a dead 24mm 2.8 (focus and aperture is broken but can be used manually with tape) so I have that covered. Have you tried a really high powered flashlight by any chance?

    My idea with the photo booth the throw would only be 5ft at most and it is not really important for it to be really clear. In all reality heartyfisher's comment about an old slide projector may be the the way to go. Just more moving/breakable parts than I really want.
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    I use a high powered LED flashlight for light painting sometimes but a bit like CFL's I don't find it easy to match the colour temperature to the day/evening/night light. At least you know where you are with a battery sucking tungsten bulb!
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    I have used 1/4 CTO gells to pull the color back down to earth. It takes about 9-10 to do so. (I just don't have a 1 stop CTO sheet)
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    Sort of on topic.. Has anyone tried this and if so what do you think of it?
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    Just heard about this today
    Those or something similar by other companies have been out for a while for speedlights but have been used for years. I have used a version of the multi lines (replicate shades) and the widow pane effect a few times. They work well - but you can also make your own easily.
    Sort of on topic.. Has anyone tried this and if so what do you think of it?
    I have heard really good things about those - and I actually would like to dump all the Velcro stuff I have for them but at $100+ for the kit I would use for each flash (x5 units that I own) that is a bit steep. Especially when I can buy grids for $10 and a sheet of CTO for $5, Rosco gell pack for $15, and 60yds of Gaffer tape and use that for over 4 years (have yet to run out) the convenience of it is a bit expensive.

    Both of those should be on a different thread - I'll make one. :)
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