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I came across a deal on 2 AB800's, med. size softbox, and 47" octobox. I didn't get any stands. I'm trying to figure out what to do and am looking at several different set ups. You guys have been super helpful spending my money in the past so I thought I would ask of advise. I do have a budget and I am trying to stay around 80-150 (or less) per stand. I am wondering about a boom for the octobox and I've looked at this but it is OOS until the end of the month. I'm also open to looking at a c stand if that would be best and in my price range. I would like something that I can use as a boom but also as a straight stand if possible.

I've also been looking at these since I've read in several places that they are pretty good knock off's of the manfrotto stands.

Thanks for you help!
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    C-Stands are the best, but will run you almost $200 with shipping with all the hardware you need. (grips & arm)

    Cheetah stands have a good reputation but I have not heard anything about the boom stand specifically.

    I use a Impact Multiboom stand ($80) and it does the job. A bit "wobbly" feeling but not at all incapable of handling what I put on it. (5lbs at most) There is also a Impact Combo Boom Stand, and I'm willing to bet it is identical to the Cheetah stand.

    I have a set of very nice Manfrotto stands (BAC) series but then I also have a few "cheap" stands that I use in my studio for the 4th or 5th random light or to help hold a reflector. Really cheap stands are nice to have around. I would not suggest using them long as your main stands though as they are, well, cheap. ;)

    What you probably don't want to hear: a 47" octobox with a AB800 really should require a C-Stand if you are trying to get it above someones head. It comes down to a safety thing. Any "cheap" boom stand can only hold a max of 5lbs with the arm at an angle. A AB800 with a 47" box will be around 8lbs with pokey rod ends that will hit someone. If I had a 100% controllable situation I would put that on my Multiboom but it wouldn't stay at any angle any longer than I needed it. Using boom arms/stands just isn't cheap and can be really dangerous.

    Positive side: Realize that a 47" box is huge. I use an umbrella octa box about that size and it is so big, you really don't need a "boom" as the light just spills around the whole person or group. I would say try using it before you get too serious about a boom stand.

    Don't worry I'm on the edge of getting a couple of c-stands myself and particularly don't want to spend the money to lug those monsters around. ;) Oh and you will need to pick up a couple sandbags to hold your stands down. (personally I pick up 5lb ankle weights at the local walmart when they go on sale. $7 for 10lbs is 3x cheaper than you buy on line.)
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    So, you think I should go with a couple of stands to start with and then later get a c-stand if I want a boom?

    Good advise about he ankle weights too.

    learning DSLR with D7100 18-105mm and 35mm F/1.8. I also love my little Nikon Coolpix AW100! and
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    Testing a set-up first is what I have done in the past and it has worked. Worse case scenario is that you have two light stands that didn't cost you much and you can add a C-stand later.
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