Tokina 17-35 F/4 won't focus

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I just picked up a Tokina 17-35 F/4. I was out shooting it and it would not focus past a couple of hundred feet. I went through the whole focal length of the lens from 17-35 at distance and the focus would not lock up. It was fine from up close out to one to two hundred get then it stops focusing. I would keep hitting the auto-focus button but nothing would happen. I immediately tried my other lens(24-70 f/f2.8,24-120 f/4) with no problem. I went through my camera settings and everything was normal. I'm sending the lens back. Has anyone heard of this?I wanted to love this lens because the price was right, but now I'm wary or buying another Tokina. I've had two other Tokina lens before without a problem.


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    You mean it wouldn't focus to infinity? That does sound odd. Sending it back was likely the best option.
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    Yes, it won't focus to infinity. That's what I can't understand.
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    Well there can be problems with any brand but it does seem like a weird problem.
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    although its difficult with wider lenses did you set the back focus which is really tuning the focus system? This should be everyones first job with a new lens.
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    I really don't know how to set the back focus. Could you explain. I have never had to do this to a lens before, they are usually good out of the box. This lens will not even hunt for focus, it does nothing at infinity when looking at a far off object of over one hundred feet.

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    I don't get the "set the back focus" either.

    Only thing I can think of is that you don't have the MF "Clutch" all the way forward. You would know that if the focus ring is moving while focusing.
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    I thought of that. I put the lens into manual focus and then back to auto focus with the same result. Your suggestion was my original thought that the lens was not totally in auto focus. I'm sending the lens back and not screwing with it. I know it won't work on my D3 so I'm done with it. I really wanted to love this lens. The photo's I took inside of a hundred feet were great, very sharp. I can't figure out how this is happening, because it's not my camera. A lens should focus to infinity on any camera, why won't this one.
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    Did it manually focus to infinity? I think Pistnbroke means to set the AF fine tune. It would also be good to know if it would focus in "live view" (CDAF)
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    It seemed to. I only tried it once. I'm sending an e-mail to Tokina explaining what happened and see what they say.
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