D5000 vs D5200

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It doesn't seem like there has been much discussion about the D5200 so I thought I might add one (even if no one cares and there is already a D5300 ;). Personally it seems like the best deal out right now. D7100 performance and I got my refurbished body with 18-55 lens (it was cheaper to get this kit then the body only...I don't really have a use for the 18-55, but it might be a nice beater lens for trips and stuff. If I lost my D5000 and 18-55 I would only be out a couple hundred vs $1500+ for my other lenses) for $440.

Out of the box the D5200 has more buttons. It feels a little different in hand, but it is subtle. The LCD on the back is much larger and better. It has a newer look to it.

Easily distinguishable features. Native ISO 100. The auto focus is much better...it seems quicker and locks fast. I just took some shots around my living room at ISO 1250 and they look plenty usable, while I wouldn't ever use an ISO that high on my D5000. Some extra buttons...shutter type button, live view slide next to shutter release, a dedicated record video button. It seems more advanced then the D5000. The screen is newer looking and laid out different. It has a new interface I guess you could say.

I think one thing I liked more on my D5000 is the flip down screen instead of the sideways flip out on the new D5200. Minor change and I usually leave mine flipped around with the screen exposed anyway, but just noted.

Live view is much quicker to turn on and use. The old live view wasn't very usable. I only used it a couple of times on the D5000 because it was so cumbersome.

24.1 MP vs 12.3. Room to crop. File size is much larger. RAW on the D5200 is 36MB. So you need fairly large memory cards. With a 32 GB card you only get 800 something pictures in RAW only.

So far all I have noticed. I will update this thread as I use my camera more. Just didn't see any love for the camera and it performs on par with the D7100. I think there are lots of people that wonder if they should get the D3XXX cameras vs the D5XXX ones. I think the D5XXX line still has plenty of features to justify the little extra cost. If nothing else the auto focus is worth it. I kept telling myself that I would get the D7XXX line because of the more pro features and here I am again. I think the couple of added buttons do help on the D5200 vs my D5000. I don't really need commander mode for the flashes and I have all AF-S lenses so old lens compatibility isn't a problem. Set my fn button to ISO which is probably my most used thing to change.
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    Funny. I have an old D60. Dying to upgrade it. Can afford D3300, D5200, would be supremely happy.... except for the one thing, I've been learning more about flash photography and want the Commander features. Sigh. I had a refurb D7000 in my paws but it had focus issues and that kind of burned me. Alas, I wait and save my pennies.
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    Yeah I at one point was set on having the d7xxx feature sets but then started to realize I don't need the flash stuff and some of the other features. I have seen the d7000 for $550 which is almost what I got but the d5200 has the sensor comparable to the d7100 which is a somewhat significant upgrade to me. If you need the commander mode or have some older lenses and need the extra buttons of the d7xxx line then the d5xxx cameras aren't a replacement. I have however been very happy with my d5000 and I didn't find anything I couldn't do with it besides the ISO performance and the ability for larger prints. The better focus is a bonus, but the d5000 was usually sufficient for anything I did. I think my most recent experience with my daughter's 2 year old pictures reassured me that it could do everything I needed.
    D5200, D5000, S31, 18-55 VR, 17-55 F2.8, 35 F1.8G, 105 F2.8 VR, 300 F4 AF-S (Previously owned 18-200 VRI, Tokina 12-24 F4 II)
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