NIKON D810 RAW coverter & installing caption/keyword metadata

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Hi all,

First post for me:

First question: I have recently bought the new DSLR from Nikon - D810. I have shot a load of RAW (NEF) files and now need to caption/keyword the metadata of each file. What is the best software to use for this?

Second question: What software is best to use to convert the RAW (NEF) files into JPG's and/or TIFF's?

Looking forward to hearing your responses. Thank-you.


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    @robbieshone please tell us also about your OS (Win or Mac or Linux), that rules out some possibilities.

    Currently, I only know of Adobe LR capable of converting D810 RAWs and have good possibilities to add keywords. Nikon Capture NX-D is only an app to be able to watch and do something with those RAWs. Others are way behind - Capture One as well as Apple's RAW compatibility for what I'm currently waiting.

    The term "what is best to use" depends very much on own habits and workflow needs. Just saying.
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    Capture NX-D will allow you to assign one of 9 color labels, and 1 - 5 priorities and then filter by them.

    Lightroom is more flexible in tools for workflow management, but I like Capture (NX2, or NX-D) better for rendering Nikon raw images and correcting Nikon lens aberrations and distortions. I do not like it's workflow.

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