At first disappointed with the D3300 but now appreciating it



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    Its probably more so that I can get the camera to focus on the place I want eg: a bird in between branches even then MF works better, and I dont use AF anyway for macro. For scenery who really needs the dozens of AF points.

    Of course I still do use AF for some subjects esp when I am doing "street" then as many AF point as spread out as possible is good. BIF is another "fun" subject, but for the majority of what I like to shoot, 1 af point is sufficient and in some cases optimal or totally unnecessary.
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    To be honest, it is mainly when I do macro or people that I use the multi selector to position a point so there is no or minimal recomposing. That is when I would be really fed up with a small field of AF points. I have found wide open that you miss focus when only using the central point and recomposing, but yes, for a lot of shots, it doesn't matter. If I got one really cheap, I'd be happy :-)
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    Don't wanna sound like a measurebator here but I just browsed through's comparometer and was amazed by how the D3300 actually improves, although just ever so slightly, on the D5300's IQ at up to ISO 3200 (I never go beyond there and use ISO 3200 only if absolutely necessary) and pretty much blows away the D7100's. This prooves my suspicions that the D3300's EXPEED 4 processor is outhandling the D7100's EXPEED 3. Now I'm not so sure about buying a D5300 anymore. I think the IQ quality on the D3300 is enough reason to learn to work around its shortcomings. I'll have to use my old Nikkor lenses with wide apertures on it when I'm shooting low light videos and use software means to remove shake. Well, as they say there's no perfect camera, just ones that are good enough for one's needs and after a whole year messing around with Nikon's whole lineup I think I've finally found my comfort spot. Thanks everybody for helping me stop my madness!
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    Nice. I'll have to add that to the "things I've learned at NRF thread." The only thing better than the definition is the way it's used.
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    Well, I had that all wrong. Thanks Msmoto for clearing that up.
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