Does the magnification ratio change when using a FX macro lens on a DX camera ?

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I recognize that the 1.5 crop factor for 35mm equivalency applies to the focal length of DX and FX lens when used on a DX camera body. But in macro photography the focal length relates to working distance. What about the magnification ratio for macro lenses? Nikon says the magnification ratio of the 85mm micro DX lens is 1:1 - I assume this applies when the lens is mounted on my D80 (DX) camera body. Nikon also says the 105 micro (FX) lens has a 1:1 ratio, which I assume applies to the lens mounted on a FX body. But if I mount the 105 micro on my D80, the APSC sensor only sees the center of the 1:1 image. Does the 1.5 crop factor apply to the magnification ratio?


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    I thought about the above question for several days before posting it. Then 2 hours after posting it, the answer hit me. Duh!
    Life size is life size. Life size on a FX sensor shows more of the picture than on DX, but the magnification is the same.

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    Good one @rdot for figuring part of it out :-) it happens to all of us.. the subconscious mind works in weird ways sometimes :-) the other thing you said about focal length and working distance is only partly true for example the working distance of both the 90mm and 60mm Tamron macro lenses are almost exactly the same. Working distance has a lot to do with the lense design as well.

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