The Weirdest Photos You've Taken

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Time for a little fun!


"Suggesting something supernatural; uncanny."

Synonyms: uncanny, eerie, unnatural, supernatural, unearthly, otherworldly, ghostly, mysterious, strange, abnormal, unusual;

Post the weirdest photo(s) you've taken.

Photos can be from your back catalog of images (doesn't have to be recent). Must be SFW, etc. all normal rules apply.

I started thinking along these lines when I looked at this photo from the weekend. I thought it looked like the fish was underwater, blowing sand bubbles:

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... And no time to use them.


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    I mean, I've taken disgusting photos of vomit in a college dorm. I don't think anyone wants to see that though.

    I thought this was pretty weird. I'm not sure why geese would decide to land on a roof, as there's nothing up there but asphalt shingles.

    Try to do a caption!
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    This one falls into the weird category. I've been sort of documenting Atlantic Menhaden population in my Osprey area and I was trying to get a click of what was chasing them. It looks like the fish are screaming. Sorry about the dirty sensor...
    Bunker (Atlantic Menhaden) 9_23
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    Years ago I shot this and had no idea until I got home and loaded the pics on the computer that I had captured him in both mirrors. I've tried a 100 times to repeat this capture and haven't even come close.

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    This was taken last year at the opening day at Del Mar Fair. This is the day were you get to see the most amazing hats warren by people attending the event. This man took it to a whole different level.

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    Not too weird, but nice pose by my subject :)

    wild life south lakes leema2
  • GreenwiseGreenwise Posts: 34Member
    although maybe this one is!!

    ass licker
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    Must be this one, and it just got published too (I don't get any profit from this book, I just had to get a copy..)
    Crap Taxidermy

    Serval - Failed Taxidermy
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    Maybe this one...nothing super strange, but the turkey in the back right is in the tree somehow.

    Ok found two more.

    The water had gone down in the creek and somehow ice froze around the vines and roots making these cymbal shaped ice formations.

    These are shoes in the trees in southern Indiana. On a road called devils hollow road. Was kind of creepy when I wondered upon it by myself on a dreary looking day.
    Need a Shoe?
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    Couldn't find anything weird on my Flickr but here is my entry

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    Does this count as weird ?? not sure......
  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,396Moderator
    This is weird due to the subject, after an EF5 in Alabama….

    Hackleburg, AL 2011 After an EF-5
    Msmoto, mod
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    maybe this one ...

    Soccer (Football) Head Guy
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    In the early days of digital, I had a Sony DCR-TRV820 Video camera. Was top of the line in 2000! This a still from the Lascaris War Rooms in Valletta, Malta. And this was not on the tour! Taken with a 2 Lux IR in complete darkness.
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    Quite an old picture .. but that bird(moorhen) was a bit startled by the huge eel.
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    @hearty I would be too.
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    ... And no time to use them.
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    Ever seen a 4 arm guitar player? LOL

    4 Arm Guitar Player
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