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I been wanting to do video's on the DSLR and I have done a bit here and there and while I prefer photography I decided to try the iPhone video features and edited on the iphone 6 it took no more than 20 mins from recording to editing.

So now instead of just taking photos I'm doing time-lapses and slow motion. I hope to get enough footage to make a 5min video by the end of the month.



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    The next Timelapse video was done with 1hr total or less with footage and editing.
    I can probably do the same with the d810 but this easier and I'm not racking up the shutter

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    Video on a DSLR uses an electronic shutter (well, it has to open once...) nice stuff though. If you can do this on an iPhone you can do something similar in capture nx2
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    Yeah but I'm doing timelapse not normal video. My understanding for the timelapse mode on the dslr is that it fires the shutter for each frame.
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    Why are you concerned about shutter count?
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    Indeed, most users never even come close to the rated count that cameras are tested for.
    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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    I'm not worried about it. Sometimes I just type too many words.

    Video was something that I used to do for a hobby but hated editing on the pc and I still do. I just find it awesome that I can do it on the iDevice and edit there without the need for a traditional computer.

    I have edited those videos while I'm on the train, waiting for food, etc. I just found it exciting enough to share.
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    Hi all,

    @Vipmediastar_JZ - There is no shutter count for video, as in "Shutter Count" for stills.

    Edit: You are wanting to run a time lapse with a series of stills? - I likely wouldn't worry about the shutter count, either. The amount would likely be trivial over time.

    My best,

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    Maybe most of my posts don't make sense. Let me clarify.

    I know that in video mode the D810/Dslr doesnt do a shutter release/count for recording video.

    I just did a time lapse "movie" with the d810. It released the shutter for 5 minutes at a set interval and it put together a 2 second video for me all on its own similar to what the iphone does but the dslr is adding to the shutter count unlike the iphone. While it doesn't matter to most of us, it is just something that I mentioned.

    This guy explains it better (its a link to dpr forum post)

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    Here is my other attempt at a timelapse

    Here is a video that took me several tries to make with imovie. I just kept re-editing. Otherwise it is a simple program to use.
    My son and daughter having fun and the quick story about it here

    I hope to start using the dslr to start making some movies.
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    Another short video at the car wash

    And the story behind it link
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    The iPhone 6plus has become my point and shoot now LOL.
    Its amazingly fast at taking pictures in continuous mode. Just wish the resolution was better.
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    I have added more video gear for the dslr but its the moments like these that are more fun in recording and having the iPhone handy is always a plus.

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