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Hello All, Ok, i have a SB900 and a SB910. The SB900 is on remote and I am using the SB910 to trigger the SB900. The SB900 is in Group A Channel 1. Everything works out except I cant stop the SB910 from firing. I've set the master on the SB900 to "-----" bit it still fires. What am i doing wrong? I need your hely


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    I believe it has to fire to trigger the SB900 but should not contribute to the exposure. There is quite a few on the forum that use flash a lot that will help you more than me. We can both learn.
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    The master will always fire as it has to send the slave information about how and when to fire. But those control flashes should actually happen right before the exposure, so they should not be seen in the image.
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    but i saw a youtube video where the guy stated that you could turn off the master. here is the link
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    The master flash has to fire to talk to the other flash. That does not mean it is lighting the scene though. The "M" (master) flash needs to be set to "---".

    Easiest way to tell if the master flash light is spilling into the frame is just to turn the head toward the other flash and put a note card taped on the side so nothing spills into the frame to check. A few test shots will tell you.
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    Another option is to cover the flash with an IR-pass filter. If you still got some unexposed but developed slide film around you might want to try that. There are also filters you can buy for that. Be careful with the film though: the flash might create quite some temperature that could damage the film and with that the front of the flash...
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    Its easy to test .. just turn off the slave (D900) the D910 will fire but will not light the scene in the photo..
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    I do not know what kind of camera you have but on my D610 what I do is put the camera flash on "Commander Mode" and then place an attachment that covers the flash. I forget what they are called but it attaches to the hot shoe mount and covers the flash only letting the IR light through. Then I set my off-camera flash on remote and the camera flash will trigger the remote and the camera flash will not contribute to the exposure..
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    I forget what they are called but it attaches to the hot shoe mount and covers the flash only letting the IR light through
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    Thanks everyone, i am getting the Debao ( Its a better alternative to the SU-800.
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