nikon 16-35 F4 VRII

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i'm Mladen, first time writing. I'm from Croatia, for now hobby photograph who sometimes shoots weddings.

for now from gear i have

d610( coming in one week :))


sigma 70-200mm 2,8 os

nikon 50mm 1,8D

nikon 16-200mm 3,5-5 vr II

and now there is dilemma

I need for FX some wide lens for max 1300$

with this lens i want to be able shoot indoors at weddings (low light) and it' would be nice landscape with filters.

nikon 16-35 F4 has ability to take filters but is F4 - main concern is that I don't now if this is ok for weddings or events in low light

other is tokina 16-28 f2,8 faster but shorter focal range and doesn't take filters

can you give me some advice or some suggestion


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    in my experience using a 16 -35 (with a D800 and a D700)
    Yes, if in a moderately well lit venue or chappel
    No in a dark church or hall, on a dull day
    For the latter you need something like the 24mm f1.4
    but that should not really matter, if you are only shooting wedding as a hobby
    with the greatest possible respect. If you are shooting weddings professionally, you really should know the answer from experience
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    Welcome to NRF @mladen1209.
    Be sure to consider new, used, and refurbished lens for the 16-35 F4 lens.
    You can only push the ISO so high to make up the difference from f/1.4 to F/4 but you need to evaluate the impact of noise on the image.
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    For sure, the 24mm f/1.4 ….here is a link to a wedding shot almost entirely with a D4 and 24mm f/1.4 nikkor
    Msmoto, mod
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    For sure, the 24mm f/1.4 ….here is a link to a wedding shot almost entirely with a D4 and 24mm f/1.4 nikkor
    There is the new 28mm F1.8 as well . :-)

    I have been considering a wide angle lowlight lense as well. and like you have looked at the 16-35 VR and the 16-28 F2.8 Tokina. Since I dont use Wide a lot I dont really want to spend alot of money. I dont have a solution for me yet, but you may be interested in the other lenses I have considered.
    * 28mm F1.8 Nikkor
    * 24-70 F2.8 VC Tamron
    * 35 F1.4 Art Sigma
    * 20mm F1.8 Nikkor

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    20mm f/1.8G will nail it.
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    sevencrosing, I'm glad that you are honest and I agree with you. the problem is that I'm not professional but want to have gear like pro with a limited budget....I know that this is impossible.
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    20mm f/1.8G will nail it.
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    The 16 -35 F4 is an excellent, professional, all round, ultra wide angle zoom
    IMHO If you are a professional wedding photographer you ALSO need a wide aperture, wide angle prime, for the occasions when can't or do not want, to use flash.
    I own the 16 -35 f4 vr
    I hire a 24 f1.4 when needed
    The 20 f 1.8 is on my wish list but I would keep my 16 -35 it has more than earned its keep

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    The advantage the 16-35 has over the other ultra-wides recommended above is VRII. There isn't much movement in a church normally, so the VR is a really valuable asset (especially if you can't hold the camera as still as you once could).
    Always learning.
  • mladen1209mladen1209 Posts: 4Member
    ok, what is more important, some ultra wide or 24-70 ( i have now 50 mm 1.8 D)
    should I go first with 24-70 and than when i would have money something like 16-35
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    Well yes, of course you have to have the right lens to earn your bread and butter then branch out from the 'needs' into the 'wants'.
    Always learning.
  • mladen1209mladen1209 Posts: 4Member
    ok, than it will be 24 70 mm tamron VC.
    thank you all guys
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