16-35mm making noise during focusing for a few seconds??

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I just picked up a Nikon 16-35mm today. While playing with it around the house i noticed that i would back button focus on something like always and then let go to lock it. maybe a second or 2 after letting go i hear a faint click and the picture in the view finder moves the very smallest bit down. I also hear a noise when keeping the focus down. I wouldnt call it a hum but when you put it up to your ear it sounds like its on like powers running through it. I does NOT happen in live mode. I then turned off the VR and the noise and click and everything went away and it works fine. It never loses focus, ive just never had a lens make a clicking noise a second after letting go of the focus or have a hum like powers going through it.

I am brand new to this lens and well fx lens in general, Is this normal?


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    I believe you are just hearing the vibration reduction working.

    My 105mm macro VR does the same things. The noise/click occurs while focusing and doesn't happen when VR is turned off. Don't fret, the noise is totally normal (i.e., your lens isn't damaged). However, that being said, some VR lenses are more noticeably audible than others.
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    My 16-35 does the same thing. Its normal sound,the servo motor is just fine tuning the focus.
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    Yup nothing to worry it's probably normal. All VR's make a noise, some more than others.
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    Thank you guys for your feedback!! Ive had VR lens before for my DX but never heard a noise of it being "on" or a click or anything which threw me off. I am i guess glad its a normal sound and doesnt mean that its defective! :) I can sleep in peace tonight now haha
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