Has anyone had problems with the Nikon/Nikkor 18-140 VR System

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Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen problems with the VR system on the Nikkor 18-140? I've had mine for 5 months now from new and its just started to play up. Every so often I see the image move (not just stabilise) within the viewfinder after which the VR system appears not to work (i.e. there is no stabilisation). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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    How do you get it working again
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    I have seen the vr jump on my 18- 140but have not noticed if the vr fails after that. If it really does fail just send it back to Nikon. The vr of my 18-200 died.. it jumped around a lot before it totally stopped. Nikon fixed it changed the vr engine. Still works great after about 10 years of use.
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    I have two and not had a problem. taking about 1500 shots each weekend with the two. With a previous Sigma 18-200 I did have this jumping with a strange blurred image on occasions and the lens rattled a lot .Try shaking yours . I sold it on ebay and never heard any more. I did read taking the lens off with the camera on is not a good idea but I never take them off and the VR and focus ring are taped up .
    My 18-140 were grey market ..very cheap..about $350 so if it goes wrong I just bin it and get another.
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    Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
    Ironheart - I haven't got it working again. I'm in Tanzania doing charity work for 4 months and don't have access to anywhere that might be able to fix it.

    HeartyFisher - Looks like I might need to send it back to Nikon then, but can't really at the moment as I need the lens here and there are no camera repair agencies here.

    I'm not too bothered that the VR isn't working (I'll just go up a few stops), but on occasion I do seem to have some blurring around the edges of the photos which I've not seen before and can only assume that it's down to this fault.

    I was hoping there might be a quick fix but it appears not! Thanks again for the posts.
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    Just a thought, since you are in the field and it is still broken. First off, I want to say I have used this technique successfully on many occasions, on everything from starter solenoids, disk drives, and $10k precision electronics, and you really have nothing to lose since it is busted anyway.

    The VR "spools up" when you half-press the shutter button. The trick with any stuck electric motor, is to free up the mechanism just as the juice is being applied. In the case of a starter solenoid, a hammer and blunt chisel is the tool of choice. For disk drives, a light tap with the handle of a screwdriver used as a hammer is sufficient. For a lens, I would start with the heel of my hand, and work up to a small screwdriver with the handle wrapped in a cloth (Leica or Zeiss cleaning cloth preferred :-)
    Again, the idea is to strike the barrel while simultaneously powering up the VR, with a half-press of the shutter button.
    If you are lucky, you may get your VR working again until the end of your trip.
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    Well would you believe it? Tried that and it does seem to be working again!

    Didn't go as far as the screwdriver but kept tapping the lens with my hand about 5 or 6 times and half pressing the shutter, and then kept checking the VR. After about 4 attempts the VR started to work again.

    Thanks for the tip, lets hope it lasts!
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    @Ironheart: Top tip!

    Filed under 'When sh*t happens' :P
    Always learning.
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    I also had a problem with my Nikon 18-140VR lens. The dust ring let go and had to be repaired by Nikon under warranty. My friend just got back from vacation and told me that the dust ring also let go on his 18-130 lens. I am beginning to think that this is a design flaw with the lens.
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