Qts. for D810ers; Monitor issues...

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Being the happy owner of a brand new D810 I do have a question; am I the only one who have something irregular going on with the monitor on the back?

Sometimes, and I can't reproduce it, it doesn't show the photo preview as usual. I have it set for 10 sec., and it simply takes a while (2-3 seconds) to show, if at all. Usually it is super fast, but once and a while it either takes a few seconds, or it doesn't even show. When it doesn't even show, I press "Menu" and that doesn't show either. I then wait a few seconds, and bingo we are back in business, and all is fine.

The first time it happened, I disconnected the grip as well as the internal battery, and put it all together again, but as I said, it is quite irregular.

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  • WestEndBoyWestEndBoy Posts: 1,456Member
    I have seen this issue with my D800. It doesn't bother me that much and I am not even sure it is a real issue. I just press the display button and it works.

    I see that you have a D800. Perhaps it is a minor setting issue and your D810 is setup a little different.
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    OK - I thought it had something to do with the upgraded monitor. I never had his happen on the D800...
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    Have you noticed it occurring on a particular image content? I have noticed on the D800E that at times, maybe more so in lower light levels the time to get the image to show up is in the order of seconds… Could it be that lower light creates less file size?

    On a photo of the sun's surface through a special filter, the full frame file size is about 33MB. Most of the frame is dark space as the sun is roughly 1000 px diameter the rest black. On images in bright light at the beach the file can be as high as 49 MB, all being recorded at 14 bit lossless compressed.

    So, my conclusion was that different file sizes require different camera processing to occur and this is why the wait time is different…. my story and I am sticking to it…. :))
    Msmoto, mod
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    I notised it yesterday in particular. I was shooting pictures at a reception, had the D810 set on ISO1600, highlight pri., f/3.6-f/8. I shoot RAW and JPG, all maxed out. A few times it took forever, and once I had to turn off/on. I was shooting with the 24-70mm and the 85mm.
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    Glad you all mentioned this ..I thought it was my 3rd paraty grip on the D800 and I was contemplating removing the connector as I have done with my D7100 grips
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    Happens to me all the time. Not as frequent as the d800 bug but it happens. I have image review off but when I click to review I auto press the button to zoom in and nothing happens.
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    hmmmm, it can't be expected behavior, and we shuld bring this up to Nikon. It is probably as simple as a software update.

    How would we go about getting this to the attention of the Nikon techs? I am now back in Greenland, and have no easy access to the Nikon Professionals Support, as I do when in Denmark. I can call them, but they will want to see the camera, and I am not about to send it back to Denmark for that...

    BTW - still LOVE the D810:)
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