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Hey, im using a nikon F3.
The thing is when i try to focus, the one half of the split image becomes black. I dont know why this is, anyone knows why this is happening ?
Thanks .


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    That takes me back more than 35 years to the film era. I do remember it happening to me but not sure I can remember why or how to respond to it. I think it occurs when not enough light is reaching the split image focusing screen due to either a dark scene or a lens which doesn't let in enough light. As I recall you then have to focus as best you can using the ground glass surrounding the split image center point.
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    donaldejose is spot on I think. If you are using a larger maximum aperture lens it will work properly. From memory, anything smaller than f2.8 will cause this to happen. As he says, there is always the surrounding ground glass area that you can use. You can also change the screen for (say) a plain ground glass one I think.
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    Ok, as long my photos come sharp then im glad, its not that big deal but i had no idea what was going on.
    This is my second roll of film im using in my life, so i dont know how the photos gonna look like. But i love shooting this way ( film ) , I dont know why , it just wow ! Looking forward to see my prints, and i wrote down the photos where the split image was black, just so i know if it makes a difference.

    Thanks for reply. Im more easy now.
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    Some info. Still not telling us when it goes dark.

    I think it happens when the aperture closes to about f4 or f5.6
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    Yea it is wierd, i just did some small test, when i cover my lens the buttom half get dark, when i cover the viewfinder the upper part becomes dark. If the split image is clear, if i just move my eye it flips the dark side up and down like i move the eye. Its wierd but not a big problem, i just want to know why and when. But i have a slow lens on, the 35-135mm 3.5-4.5.
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    The split screen works by taking light from the sides/edge of the lense so if the aperture is small the sides go dark or you need to center your eye carefully. Likely that you will have the most problem when zoomed out at F4.5.
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    My favourite for slow lenses on the F3 is the J screen. The G screens are also excellent.
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    My favourite for slow lenses on the F3 is the J screen. The G screens are also excellent.
    I loved the J screen. It worked for a wide variety of lens and in many different lighting situations.
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