D7100 sudden problems with viewfinder (darkened) and AF issues

KavikaKavika Posts: 4Member
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After taking pictures for an hour, my D7100 suddenly got a darkened viewfinder and crazy focus issues. It would seem something went bad ... Back home I charged and changed batteries to no avail, and tried all manual settings with manual focus. I can take pictures, but the focus issues persist in AF setting. If I open the lens all the way to 1.8 the viewfinder is nice and bright, but locked on f22 it is dim. Live view is also dim. I will call Nikon on Monday, but I wonder what others here have experienced with these problems. Thanks!


  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    Do you have the DoF preview button stuck? (See the manual if you don't know where this is located). Also, is the lens properly mounted? Why not dismount and remount for fun. While it's off, check the metal tab on the lens that controls the aperture. It should move freely and not bind at all. Also check the lever on the camera body that moves the tab on the lens, make sure it isn't bent.
  • KavikaKavika Posts: 4Member
    Thanks for your reply. The DoF button isn't stuck, and the lens is properly mounted. All the tabs are good.
    I'll just have to call Nikon Monday. Strange they don't have anyone available 24/7.
  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    It might be worth pulling the battery for 5 minutes, and also trying a two button reset. Do you have a different lens you can try? Which lens are you using? You can submit questions on-line 24/7.
  • KavikaKavika Posts: 4Member
    I did the 2 button reset, and tried both my 50 1.8 and my 28-200.
  • KavikaKavika Posts: 4Member
    fwiw ... a guy from the Nikon Photographers group on LinkedIn says "The problem then is what is called the SQ Baseplate which is no longer driving the aperture lever. Yes, Time to send it on a trip to Nikon. I see this problem from time to time during my repairs."
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    I had a very similar problem a couple of months ago with my D800. Depending on the state of your warranty you might be looking at a bill of about $225 US. Careful when you put lenses on; I'm pretty sure I busted it myself and that's how it happened.
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