My AF-assist illuminator won't turn off. Why?

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I'm using my D90 with a 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens to take pics of birds at a feeder at around a metre distance through a single glazed window. I'm using an ML-L3 remote and manual focus. I've turned the AF-assist illuminator off in menu a3 but it still flashes just after shutter release. I realise this light is also used for the self-timer and for red-eye reduction, neither of which should matter because I'm not using a timer or flash.
I couldn't figure out why the birds were being scared off at shutter release because there's no way they could hear it. I then looked into the camera and the lamp flashed every time I fired.
I'm using aperture-priority f/5.6 at 105mm, ISO 200 and the shutter speed has been around 1/125sec.


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    Short answer? Get a MC-DC2 remote release cord.

    Long answer. Read page 69 in your manual. The AF illuminator will always light when using the ML-L3. Probably for self portrait mode to let you know the shutter fired.

    There's always gaffers tape...
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    Thanks Ironheart

    Thanks for the short answer. I'm going to get a MC-DC2! I didn't bother cos the cord is only a metre long.
    Thanks for the long answer. In the meantime I'll tape over the AF illuminator! I read page 69 loads of times....but obviously not that bit.

    Did I say thanks?
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    You are welcome. If you need more than a meter, there are a bunch of radio options that will trigger the shutter through the same DC-2 accessory port on your D90. For example PocketWizard. The DC-2 port is found on most of the non-pro bodies that Nikon makes, so you are in good company.
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    I did that all the time when I had my D80 - solution - black tape or bubble gum - take your pick. :)
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    Yes, I think it acts as the countdown timer. It'll flash quicker right before the shutter releases. It would be smart to be able to disable it. Instead of using the timer function couldn't you just use the remote to trigger the shutter?
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