Looking for a 200-400 VRII, but should I wait for the FL version to come out?

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I would like to get a 200-400 VRII, But we already know that an FL version will be out at some point in the near future. Should I pick the current version up or wait?
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    The current version is outstanding. Why pay more or wait and miss out on the great images you can take already.
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    Yes, the current version is outstanding.

    While the changes that updated the 200mm f/2 in 2010 are negligible, the changes that updated the latest version of the 400mm f/2.8 quite significant – optically speaking. Also take note of the weight reduction on the latest upgrade to the 400mm f/2.8, which for some will be the difference between handholding and a monopod.

    If you want to shoot now, I would wait. If this is just a bucket list item, then I would wait and see if Nikon applies the “400 treatment” to the 200-400mm.
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