Recommendation for Nikon camera for a friend from a Canon shooter

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Dear forum members,
let me start by apologizing if I haven't already searched the forum, but I just wanted to get a few pointers from you people here.

I am a Canon shooter myself since years, 5D MkIII with a number of lenses. Now my sister in law has asked me about getting her first DSLR. She is in the budget range of the equivalent of a Canon 700D or a 70D with kit lens 18-135 STM. I will also likely recommend her to get a cheap prime 35 or 50.

Now, I normally recommend people to buy Canon, simply because that's what I know and can direct them to a proper model with accompanying lenses. As I know Nikon is doing a really good job with their cameras, I thought I should at least get her a Nikon option also even though I think she will be happy with either of the brands.

So please let me know your recommendations, also any thoughts how they compare with the Canon equivalents would be valuable

Thanks in advance


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    I should add that I am not really sure how she will use it. They have a young son of three years and they live up north in the mountains. So I'd say general family pictures and some outdoor activities and possibly landscapes.
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    the Nikon equivalent of the 70 D is the excellent D7100 Currently Nikon best "bangs for your bucks" camera. Used by a lot of part time professionals, and some full times ones too

    the Nikon equivalent of the 700 D is the D5300 fine for general family pictures
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    Hi, thanks for such quick feedback. I guess they do come with similar kit lenses. Do you have any recommendations regarding those also? As if there are any particular options one should look at? Or even stay away from? It's difficult as I know pretty much nothing about Nikon.
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    Yes the D7100 comes with a value for money 18-105mm VR Lens
    The D5300 with the cheaper 18-55mm VR Lens
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    I second Sevencrossing's suggestions..
    I'd like to add that both camera's are also available as a kit with the 18-140 in most retailers (at least where I live).
    I had thought the D5300 is also available as a kit together with the 18-55 and 55-300 lenses, too, but on checking that's only the D5200 (the predecessor of the D5300)..

    Baldy ;)
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    Pentax K5 or K3. Good cameras at a good price. The K3 may be out of her budget.

    Seriously we would need to know a lot more about what her interests and skill level (and budget) is to be able to recommend something.

    It is like someone asking "what car should I buy?". Um.
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    As you suspect there are some sweet spots in the nikon range. in terms of kit lense the 18-140 is one of them.
    The D5300 as recommended is also in said sweet spot. However, we are expecting the D7100 successor in a few months so if she is not needing to buy now then it may be worth waiting as a bunch of us here are also anticipating its arrival (D7200 LOL which may or may not arrive).

    Still its hard to recommend stuff with not much info and second hand info too :-)
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    Guys, thanks a lot for the quick and thorough responses.

    Thomas Horton, it's her first DSLR so her skill level isn't that high as far as I know.

    As far as what she will shoot, like I said above, mostly family stuff, some outdoor and landscapes as they live up in the mountains.

    As far as budget goes, I live in Sweden, photo equipment here is very expensive. US prices are normally 35% lower than Sweden and we rarely have campaigns, so that's why I gave you the Canon models. That's the price range.

    Thank you all guys for this. I have a better view of what to recommend her now. It will come down to price. I assume Nikon also offers a cheap 50mm 1.8 like Canon, I think I've read about that.
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    I was only half serious when I mentioned Pentax but I will repeat it more seriously. Please don't assume that the choice has to be limited to only Canon and Nikon. The other manufacturers like Pentax have some really good stuff that should be considered.

    Good luck with her decision.
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    Yes, Nikon 50 mm f1.8 is excellent value for money!

    But her first DSLR, you say. If she's inexperienced looking for all-round capabilities, then maybe a mirrorless could be just as good a choice??
    On this forum, you'll mostly find stills photographers, but if your sister in law will use the camera for video, then ... Nikon is perfectly capable of taking videos, but others, like Panasonic, could be a better choice ... I've heard. Sony A6000 would probably also be a good do-it-all option for her, but you need to make sure before you buy, that the lenses you want exist at the right price. OMG you've got some research to do. Luckily, it's nearly impossible to get a bad camera these days.
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    I have a friend who shoots Canon, and he says the Canon 18-55 is junk. Please be aware that the latest Nikon 18-55 VR2 is an excellent lens and coupled to any of the newer crop sensor bodies will do all the things you said they need. Even the entry level D3300 has way better IQ than the Canon 700D.
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    Thomas, thanks. I know it doesn't have to be limited to that. I am just thinking that going with Canon or Nikon won't be wrong. I don't think she will be that tough to please. But I do appreciate your comment though.

    I think going with either the 5300 or 7100 will be plenty for her also for video @Sports. But for mirrorless, I think AF won't be enough for their needs.

    I understand you are, as at Canon Rumors, particular about gear (as am I). But to be honest I think most of the stuff you have mentioned will be more than enough. I really appreciate you taking time to help me out. I promise to recommend the Nikon now :)

    I gotta say I am personally excited about the D750 myself. I should take a closer look at Nikon over time.

    @Spraynpray, thanks, I will keep in mind about the lens and also the D3300 especially if it has better IQ than the 700D. What about AF on it?

    About the 18-55, I haven't used one since I had my 400D and I got pictures published taken with that gear :) But I know it didn't used to be the best although I've heard that the newest version apparently is quite good for its price. I guess it depends on which version of it one has.

    I'll see what she goes for and I will let you know.
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    @Sweden_Thor - Here are my 2 cents. Check out the D7100 with the 18-140mm lens first - sold as a kit. If that is too expensive, then go D7100 with the 18-105mm. That longer reach over the 18-55 makes it a more universal lens for many people. Believe the D7100 + 18-55 is the lowest price combination for this camera.

    I am in the process of upgrading my wife from the D90 to a D5300. If the D7100 is too expensive, then go with the D5300 with the 18-140mm lens or to reduce cost the D5300 body + 18-105mm lens or to further reduce cost then the D5300 body + 18-105mm lens.

    Finally one more alternative. Have her check out the entry level Nikon D3300 kit which includes the 18-55mm lens.

    Please share this with your relative and give us feedback on her selection progress.
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    Thanks Photobug, I have just sent my recommendations according to advice from here. I gave her the Canon and Nikon options. They are very similarly priced here in Sweden so I think it will be down to availability in the store. We'll see.
    Thanks again!
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    Something to note, if you're used to shooting full frame, note that a 50mm f/1.8 will give a field of view of (35mm equivalent) 75mm. So it's a bit of a telephoto portrait lens on the D5x00 and D7x00.

    The inexpensive 35mm f/1.8 DX is an excellent option for someone wanting a standard field of view. Small, compact, bright, sharp, light.
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    it's her first DSLR so her skill level isn't that high as far as I know.
    both cameras have AUTO
    or if she want to be more adventurous P for "profession"
    I dont think it is a default setting but AUTO ISO is very useful. It should reduce camera shake by setting higher shutter speeds as it cranks up the ISO in failing light
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    Thank you, you are all very helpful and polite.

    @KnockKnock, yes I am aware of the crop factor and I noted the 35 1.8 also when I checked prices for her so I have recommended that also.

    @Sevencrossing. I'm helping her to get a good camera, I won't teach her photography, maybe only around basic settings. They live 600 kilometers north from where I live so we don't meet much.

    When helping others I just normally stick to the exposure triangle, nothing else. I am sure the automatic mode will do fine to start out with and then move on to semi manual settings.
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    @Sweden_Thor (a.k.a Jonas) Let me start by saying welcome to NRF. I'm pleased our members have been able to assist you in this matter and we hope that you will also realise that just because we use Nikon gear, it dose not mean we do not respect dose that don't. Photography is at the heart of our passion and should you look at the many topic covered, you will see first hand what I mean.

    As to your question, you are on the right path in the gear being recommended. Please let your sister in law know about our forum so in case she seeks some advice or may have question about her equipment we will be more than happy to help.

    Best wishes :D
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