"Pan Am Aviation": Check out this nice project by Mike Kelley

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I don't know if someone already posted this when it came out, but check out this cool project by Mike Kelley:


and the making of:

What I really like about this one is how the whole shoot was put into practice:

• A basic idea ("I need to do something with aviation")
• An inspiration from the location opportunity that he heard of
• Coming up with a good story / concept for the shoot (promotional shots for as if it was still in the 70s)
• The styling, obviously
• Coping with the difficult lighting possiblities and settling for the simplest solution
• Giving the images a nice overall look in post (manipulating curves) that is very subtle and yet very apparent and authentic
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    This is an amazing story. I have been thinking of photographing our office 's reception and the more I think about it, the more I appreciate the challenges involved. This article allows me to appreciate what a both simple and complex project I an contemplating.
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    I love it. As I often say about photography: "if I don't record it, it will cease to exist". In this case I've been proven wrong: some things can be carefully recreated.
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