Nikon concept cine-cam to compete against Canon's C line.

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So back in the 70's Nikon rocked their R10's and R8's for Super8 filmmaking. Canon as well with their own models continued onto the video market up until today. ALL Nikon has to do is introduce a cine-version that can benefit from all sorts of crop factors! That's it. Codecs are the last thing to worry about imo. First introduce a cinema/broadcast camera which FX, DX owners could benefit from. If it's easy to write code for sensor cropping to DX like the D4, D800 or D600 then why not introduce S35mm crop mode the way Sony and Canon are doing. Seriously, Nikon could make a huge profit revenue from such an endeavor. There are a lot of funny politics about Canon's 1DX vs 1DC as they are almost identical hardware, but different software. Therefore, I think it's time for a new Expeed Processor to blow our minds with a 4K video option at NTSC & PAL and regain the hearts of Nikon lovers that are also filmmakers.


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    Yeah, that'd be nice. It hasn't happened so far, and I don't see any noise about it happening in the future.

    Nor do I think Nikon would reap huge financial rewards with it. They are getting some good return in lens sales for cinema right now in PL and other mounts with conversions. I shoot some video with my D7000 and some with my Panasonic GH2 and Nikon lenses with a converter.

    Cheap 4K cameras will be out in the not to distant future (I think), and my guess is that camera makers are a little shy about R&D and about jumping into the fray. Red held up their line for nearly two years after hearing about Canon's DSLR's with video, only to have the D90 jump in with video first, albeit with no so good video.

    You'll want to have bit rates that in a color space at 4:2:2, actually with 4:4:4 and that's where the CODEC are important to make media off-the-shelf compliant.

    My active days are less and less, so most of this is not so significant to me, but exciting to speculate nonetheless.

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