D300s firmware upgrade to 1.02

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It has been at least two years since I posted or replied to your fine system of informing Nikon users. I have been working on updating the firmware on my D300s to v1.02 for about half the day and finally just had to walk away from it. I have a Dell with 64 bit OS that is just a year old and (regrettably) has Win 8.1 running the whole bag of nuts. I am using a new SanDisk Extreme 16GB card that I have formatted many different ways (in camera and on PC.) No matter what I do, when I go to do the update, the option to proceed with the update always comes up pink. I can not proceed with the actual update. I do have Nikon View NX as the default program when detecting pictures and it opens, but that certainly should not affect formatting a card (Fat32), copying a .Bin file and then moving over to the camera. Suggestions? Answers? Help!


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    You are putting the bin file in the top level and not in the picture folder, right?
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    Yes. It is at the root.
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    Guess it is time to look for other reasons, i.e. malware.
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    The file should be named .bin lowercase. Is your file named .Bin? Also try a friends computer to rule out any craziness with your system. Also what is the exact error message you are getting and what is your current firmware?
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    I will try my work computer. Funny being a computing help desk analyst level II and not being able to figure out why ... this is. Thanks for trying to help.
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    yes it is is lower case "bin." I've never known case to be sensitive with extensions, that may be worth looking into just for the heck of it.

    Really frustrating though.
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    Shucks. I want the 1.02 on there so when I win the lottery (now I am proving I am a fool), I can just run out and order that 800 mm lens, a huge Gitzo tripod, and that fancy gimbal to go along with it. Problem is, beggars CAN BE choosers. :-)
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    Sorry Ironheart I did not do a refresh to see your whole post. I have v 1.01 on both A & B. I don't get an error message other than the choice to proceed with the update is pink and I can not press the button. I think I will have another look at it this morning, the coffee is kicking in.
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    Solved. Category = TSTL [too stupid to live]

    When it shows press, "OK," repeated pressing of the center navigation button will be useless.

    Major apologizes. Feel free to close this thread and keep me on the PEBKC list for 6 months.
    [problem exists between keyboard and chair]
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    Heh, no worries. We were going there next :) glad you figured it out!
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    I have a long way to go. Dad gave me Photography Essentials (or something like that), by Nat. Geo. 24 half hour lectures per DVD and there are 4 of them! I have long believed that drilling on the basics and shooting, shooting, shooting, are the best way to grow in photography. Thanks to everyone who bothered to look at this post.

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    Oh, yes, the center button on the navigation dial will sometimes enter your data, however, with firmware, this is usually the case.

    Interestingly enough, Re. Case sensitivity, here is what Nikon's website states when describing the program:

    "Copy the D300S102.BIN file to the top level of the card the downloaded firmware .BIN file."
    Msmoto, mod
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