Snapsort? any merit? Question about match

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I was just playing around as I am looking at buying a new Nikon so I typed in d610 vs D810 into snapsort and they came out tied? Am I missing something here? I was under the impression that the 810 was far and beyond better then the 610? Please let me have some feedback on this. ty


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    I don't think you need to worry about what some site is telling you to pick a camera.

    Some sites give notoriously bad info, I'm not going to be pointing fingers or naming names here. :D

    I think it'd be easier if you talk about what your needs are photographically and let some members here talk you through it.
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    ty for that, I did end up starting another FX / DX thread in which I posted the camera I was thinking of. I realize that so many of the sites are in no uncertain terms, crap but I wanted to see if anybody else saw discrepancies in the 610 and 810 being tied. ty and cheers
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    The 610 is a fabulous camera, but is not on the same level as an 810 unless you are considering "value for money", which is very subjective. What kind of subjects do you shoot? How important are things like ergonomics, professional build quality etc.? Which lenses do you own and do you plan to upgrade?
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    Most photo sites, and I think I include NRF, give individual opinions. Each opinion is merely a starting point for one to begin the process of making a decision. While some of us may have more experience, our opinions are just that.

    The difference between a D610 and D810 are quite large (in my opinion, LOL). Read what is written, and do lots of research before making up your mind. For many, deciding on what desires as an end result, how you will use the camera, lenses you will work with, all these determine what body might be best.

    And example, if I were shooting high activity sports action, I might look at a refurbished D3s or D4 vs either of the above.
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