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I am a novice photographer,I have just bought a D3200 Camera.I would like to take some portrait photos of my Grand Children,I have read a lot of articles on Flashguns-Speedlights ,and to be honest,I am none the wiser,as to what Flashgun ,works on my D3200.I know this is a Nikon Forum,but are there any 3rd party products ,that would work as good? Can a SU600 work to trigger of other flashes,or is there no mechanism on the D3200 ,for multiple flashing? All help would be appreciated,I don't want to buy the wrong kit.Any good links on how to take Portrait Photos for a novice?

Yours Kindly Paul


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    Hi Paul,

    Welcome to NR. Sorry you haven't had a reply yet, let me fix that:

    You have a D3200 which is an entry level body - it takes great photographs, but has less facilities so you need an uncomplicated flash for it. the good news is, that they are light, compact, simple to use and CHEAT!

    The newest is the SB300. I started off with and BS400 (older model) some years ago ad do regret selling it now as it had many advantages over the heavier, larger, more complex and more expensive models. If you shell out £120 or less for the SB300 it will serve you well.

    Your D3200 does not support the Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) so if you wanted to use many flashes you would have to learn to use manual flash mode and buy the extra flashes from third parties that have the slave sensor built in. A good dealer will advise you what they have available.
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    The Yongnuo has been gaining support recently..

    However if you really are pretty new to photography the higher end Nikon flashes are very smart and may be worth getting. having said that the SB300 will help alot with its ability to tilt up and bounce flash.

    I am really not sure how photo saavy you are. cos you kind of mentioned the SU800 (assuming a typo) which is an advanced tool for remote triggering multiple flashes. You seem to imply that you plan to setup a little studio with multiple flashes for portrait photography..

    It would be good to know a bit more of your background/skills and plans..

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