Professional opinions needed for Gallery Show

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There is a local gallery that is having an open showing for ANY local artist. All art genres will be accepted, including photography. Three pieces are the maximum that can be submitted per artist.

I was considering putting some of my work out there. Has anyone ever done this? Is this a good way to start selling work?

Any thoughts, suggestions, guidance would be greatly appreciated.



  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,545Moderator
    Can be, but surely first you have to take your best work along and get it accepted for the exhibition?
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  • Rx4PhotoRx4Photo Posts: 1,200Member
    I'd do it simply for the fun of it!! Yes, submit your most unique images!! I wouldn't be overly concerned with selling for now - just get your name circulating.
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  • HammieHammie Posts: 258Member
    @spraynpray - There is not acceptance policy for this particular show. You pay a slight fee ($45 for three items and if anything sells, the gallery gets 30% of the sale) and you are entered.

    @Rx4Photo - I am looking through my favorites to see which ones I want to submit and what size I want to print them at. The size limitation is 30"x30" including the frame. I will probably just do 8x10 prints with 1.5-2" matting and frame.
  • ThomasHortonThomasHorton Posts: 323Member
    What do you think you will gain by paying $45 for people to see three of your photographs among the other photographs? How long will the photographs be shown?

    Seems like a lot of money to me.
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  • HammieHammie Posts: 258Member
    @ThomasHorton - I am not sure how many other photographers will submit work. This is open to all art mediums including, but not limited to, paintings, drawings, pottery, sculptures, mixed media, and photography. Currently, the gallery has very few photographs on display. They are mostly paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

    I guess what I am hoping at gaining is experience with this.

    They will be shown for about three weeks.
  • ThomasHortonThomasHorton Posts: 323Member
    Guess it is up to you. If you think hanging three of your photographs on a gallery wall for 3 weeks is worth $45, gopher it! :-bd

    Good luck with it.
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  • sevencrossingsevencrossing Posts: 2,800Member
    Out of interest. How much do you/ they, hope to sell a 8x10 framed print for ?

    Most of my local galleries are reluctant to take photographs, as the price they can get for them is too low, in comparison to other artwork. The two who did accept photographs have both closed
  • HammieHammie Posts: 258Member
    The couple that I saw on the wall were either 8x10 or 12x14 (I did not have a tape measure) and they were $150+ each.

    I was considering $75 each photo. Still looking through my photos to determine which ones I might use.
  • sevencrossingsevencrossing Posts: 2,800Member
    $150 seems a good rate. If you sell for only $75, The gallery might think their $22 cut too low
  • calengorcalengor Posts: 277Member
    Is it the TAG show?

    I read about it this morning somewhere. If I wasn't going out of town on Friday for a week and a half I'd consider it myself. I recently had a shot printed onto aluminum for a friend that turned out really well.
  • HammieHammie Posts: 258Member
    Yes, it is the TAG Le Salon show.
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