What to buy, Profoto B1 or competitor? (Flash equipment)



  • ErikssonRobinErikssonRobin Posts: 28Member
    how does one 'accidently' purchase a 400mm lens? lol
    the 400mm 2.8G is >$10,000

    imean. i can see a pro needing a specific lens for a random situation, but i guess they live in a different world...
    Haha, well I'm not that into zoom lenses but got a great deal on one so couldn't miss out. Looks great on the tripod but heavy as h$ll.

    Thanks for all the tips, keep them coming.

    I will probably buy a Profoto 150 cm octabox or Elinchrom 170cm octabox or similar.
    And a long narrower one and maybe a beauty dish, an umbrella isn't that interesting for me at the moment.

    Most of the time I will shoot single persons some fashion and some sports. Guess the beauty dish might be good for sport (skate, motocross etc.) But I'm not sure. Really new in flash photography. Have only used a sb700 with pocketwizards before and that wasn't going that far outside.

    I sold the scooter and it will not be that crucial to get small, light weight equipment. Hopefully I will be able to travel with one of the flash units to capture people in remote corners of the globe.

    Anyways, I'm really lost when it comes to light stands. What's good and not? When browsing the local photography websites the most common brands seem to be 'manfrotto and avenger'. What do you guys use? I will not buy a cheap one from ebay and put the expensive gear on it only to see it break apart from the weight.


    Robin Eriksson
    Nikon D810 • Nikkor 24mm 1.4G • Nikkor 105 2.8 Macro • SB-700 • Gitzo 5562 LTS
  • ErikssonRobinErikssonRobin Posts: 28Member
    So just finished working for the season and will be using the photographic equipment a lot more often and have plentiful of ideas to get to work with.

    There's only one downside. I ordered a few umbrellas, another softbox 1x6 and some gels on the "Black Friday" sale over here in Sweden and everything is back ordered around 2-3 weeks. So I've only got the 5" octabox so far to use and one light stand.

    So will probably do headshots or similar until the rest comes. Will be back with more photos soon :)
    Robin Eriksson
    Nikon D810 • Nikkor 24mm 1.4G • Nikkor 105 2.8 Macro • SB-700 • Gitzo 5562 LTS
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    I was going to wait for the Godox 360 TTL for nikon (canon already available) that I can use on camera or flash bracket but they just released a 600 TTL light. Pricing and delivery to be announced. The thing that I like is that it has bowens mount that I been slowly been collecting with S-Type brackets.

    I have been doing flash in manual but I am interested in TTL for those outdoor events as

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  • ErikssonRobinErikssonRobin Posts: 28Member
    Long time no see!

    So now I've been using the Profoto B1 for a while and must say it performs brilliantly! If your thinking about buying one, don't. Just buy it!

    I've gotten more into flash photography as I can now use it outdoors at any time of the day. The battery is lasting easily for a shoot.

    Now I'm just about to get the OCF beauty dish as well, does anybody here use that one? I'm thinking about getting the white version.

    Robin Eriksson
    Nikon D810 • Nikkor 24mm 1.4G • Nikkor 105 2.8 Macro • SB-700 • Gitzo 5562 LTS
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