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Hello everybody,
I am biker and I like to take pictures of the tracks. Landscapes, waterfalls, etc. What tripod would you recommend me? I have a D5300 and my biggest lens is 70-300mm ED VR AF-S. I use a Lowepro flipside 300 aw.


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    Lots of threads on Tripods

    Are you on a motor, pedal or electric bike?
    what is your budget ?
    how big and heavy can it be ?

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    This answer could have a lot of variables so you might want to think about the following "questions".

    -First, is what is your budget or do you have one.
    -Second, is your height or how high does the camera need to be off the ground
    -Third, is how compact do you need this to be or light weight (I say this assuming that you would also be on a bike and may not have a lot of space available).
    -Fourth, might be normal shooting conditions
    -You gave the camera and lens combination so we can get the approximate weight of your setup but could this ever change?

    You can find cheap tripods but if used regularly 85% of everyone "upgrades" to a model that is better built. I personally like RRS equipment but I also have a Sirui tripod that has been pretty effective and not given me any problems.

    And someone beat me to the punch and asked the same questions pretty much.
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    Ty Scooby...

    I've seen that has many posts on tripod. I just thought it could have someone in the same condition as me. My biker style is pedal (sometimes motorized) and walk in the woods. Price is always the lowest possible to have good quality. About the size and weight, that's why I said I'm biker. All the weight is added to the wear of my legs :)

    I believe that between 35-42 cm (13.8 to 16.5 ") and 1.5 Kg weight (3.31 lbs)

    Thanks for answering.
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  • DiQuintinoDiQuintino Posts: 8Member
    I was looking:

    Manfroto BeFree
    Manfrotto Mkcompactacn
    Benro Travel Angel II
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    Of those three the Manfroto BeFree looks good
    if weight is important and you have deep pockets look at Gitzo
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  • Vipmediastar_JZVipmediastar_JZ Posts: 1,708Member
    I have a mefoto tripod.

    This year I really want to take a day bike ride in the city by renting a bike for 7.00 for 24hrs. My plan is to get several scenes from mulitple harbors.

    The mefoto ball head is sturdy but I will be using a sirui ball head on it instead. They have diffrent models and one might just help you like the backpacker model coming at 2.6lb.
  • DiQuintinoDiQuintino Posts: 8Member
    Gratz Vip, wich model of ball head?
  • sevencrossingsevencrossing Posts: 2,800Member
    ball heads are very personal things you have to try them
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    I know 90% of the time its cheaper to buy everything online but I try to buy stuff like this from my local camera dealer. I think they get a better markup on smaller items overall but if I don't support my local camera store they won't be around for me to even play with something remotely close to what I want.

    If I know what I am looking for and the local shop doesn't carry it then I will purchase online.
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    Take a look at the Three Legged Thing 'Brian' evo2 with an airhead 2. Award winning tripod with an excellent head.
    Always learning.
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    Spray, ty but to high price :P
  • Vipmediastar_JZVipmediastar_JZ Posts: 1,708Member
    Sirui K-20x.

    The knobs and everything about it is better over the Mefoto. I did buy the Mefoto about a year ago and it comes with a carry bag
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    While this is not exactly what you asked for, you might consider this supported monopod

    I was skeptical when I first looked at one. I ended up getting one and have really been happy with the results. I was already a fan of Feisol carbon tripods. I rely on a more conventional Feisol carbon tripod day-to-day, but for travel the Monopod has been great for small packing space and ultra-light weight. It's not for everyone or every application but it is worth a look.
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    I'd opt for Sirui as well, they are high quality for that price. I went through a couple of types and brands. If I had knewn Sirui before and had had a chance to try them, I would have saved a lot of money. Instead I ended with two Gitzos because I still have a tiny, 25 years old. Still working, just not stable enough for heavy gear. Although I used this Series 1 for medium format. Possible only with lots of precaution like mirror up, no long FL and hardly use all legs.

    For lightweigt travel I couldn't resist to a sweet T-005x, too tiny for you but great value and surprisingly well made head. In your situation, with my various experiences and starting all over with tripods, I'd get a T-2005X, which is aluminium and invest the difference to carbon in a nice head like K10X or K20X. 5 segments might be a little less stable or more weight than 4 but you can stuff them easier.

    I also recommend local stores and get the tripods from the one you could try out.

    When I'm biking, I use an Ortlieb front roller with selfmade foam insert. I can carry the 2204 Gitzo outside but fixed with the bags' strap. Disadvantage in rain - no problem for carbon but the head is exposed.
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    TY very much Funta... So ure a biker too. I have a Lowepro Flipside 300 and im thinking not to use a tripod bag. Im thinking use it fixed at lowepro :)

    Like that:
  • funtagraphfuntagraph Posts: 265Member
    I don't like a backpack when Im cycling, that's the reason for the separate bag. But I admit, it's less comfortable to walk around with a cycling bag. On the other side, the Ortlieb stuff is waterproof without additional covers.
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    I have hauled around some very large tripods on bikes, the ones with motor...i.e., Suzuki DR 650. But, for a pedal bike, one can almost choose anything lightweight and compact. Many good suggestions, several threads on NRF.

    A thought about when using a "lightweight" tripod. While avoiding exceeding the weight limit of the tripod, when shooting hang the camera bag from the center post. This can provide much vibration damping, stabilize the tripod, and IMO result in a better QI. Also, using the shutter delay or mirror up mode can be helpful.. Almost any tripod will perform well if some extra precautions are followed.
    Msmoto, mod
  • funtagraphfuntagraph Posts: 265Member
    I'm agreeing with nearly all of it @Msmoto, except the bit with camerabag hanging under a tripod. 1. somtimes the majority of weight is out of the bag and on the tripod. And the rest weight doesn't damp much more but is 2. swinging around in the wind and creating vibrations. Best might be a heavy sandbag and a strap between the hook and the bag which sould lay on the ground
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