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Just discovered this excellent forum - some great stuff on here. I use a Nikon D800, D300, D70 and Nikon 1. I have the trinity of lenses for most use plus several other lenses. My only non Nikon lens is a Sigma 150 - 500. I am now a serious amateur after stopping being a pro some years ago (mostly wedding and portrait). I now concentrate on shooting birds of prey and sometimes sport (a lot of archery). The D800 is great but I wish it would shoot as fast as a D4s. The 300 can go a tad faster I suppose. These days my main outputs are to slideshows I put together using Apple Aperture but I'd love to know what other options folks use for slideshows (I have Apple computers so Windows only software is not an option for me - I'm not clever enough to configure a dual boot!)
Anyway, good to meet you all - maybe I have encountered some of you through the Nikon D800 / D800e world group on Facebook.
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