EN-EL15 Battery Availability

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I am not sure why, but it seems I can not get EN-EL15 batteries shipped to Ukraine. None of the Amazon outlets will do it, none of the internet stores or the brick and mortar stores in Ukraine will carry them. Sure, they come with the D800 etc. but that is the only one we are gonna get. We have access to one third party battery from a Ukrainian company called Extra Digital, and the specs aren't the same. B&H and Adorama will ship one at $59 for the battery and $82.75 additional for shipping.

What is the deal with this particular battery?
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    Not long ago, Amazon.de didn't ship them (or other electronic devices) to Switzerland. I could imagine, but are not sure, the reason can be different safety / environmental / recycling regulations in different countries and also different safety transport regulations, so these items could not be shipped in regular post. After all, Nikon replaced not so long ago some batches because they could cause fire.
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    @ Fraucha

    If you know someone outside the Ukraine who can purchase the EN-EL15 for you, then ship it to you, this may solve your problem.
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    @ Msmoto
    Yes, that is an obvious answer and not an answer since that does not address the unavailability in the local stores. The fact that some stores are willing to ship from the US but only through private carriers is not addressed either. I am also unable to get any answer from any Amazon facility as to why they won't send here. I ordered three from the US had them shipped to Oregon and then sent here via USPS and clearly marked on the customs sheet and they arrived unmolested. I might mark it down to some sort of transportation regulation except that we do get the cameras here from Nikon EU, via Nikon Russa.
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